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A musician and designer with a knack for most things computer science, Manan’s been an Android and FOSS enthusiast since 2012, and loves paying attention to little details that usually go unnoticed. Drop by and say hi at [email protected]!

Graphic design for Android developers: Creating the ideal app icon

No matter what marketplace or service an app is distributed through, its app icon is the first thing a prospective user would notice. First impressions are of paramount importance when trying to reel in new users, which means that icons are key components of any application. And, regardless of the intent of the app, creating...

The fall and rise of Roboto, Android’s default font

It’s easy to overlook the importance of typefaces in software design, especially when it comes to designing graphical user interfaces. Sadly though, even the best typefaces ever created, including Helvetica (arguably the most popular no-frills typeface ever created), would turn to mush if they were scanned and used on computers as-is, the way they were...