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Jon has spent time working in all sorts of industries, including finance and technology. He likes both of those things and wants to write about how mobile companies make money and how that impacts the products they sell. He also likes cats.

Contest Follow-Up: Free LeaseWeb Server Trials

For those unfamiliar with LeaseWeb, XDA-Developers uses them to host our entire website by utilizing a dedicated private rack that contains 15 IBM hexa-core servers. Our private rack features a tailor-made switch setup, which consists of two switches joined together by a virtual chassis with a 10GE uplink. It is thanks to this setup through LeaseWeb...

Grab Some Popcorn: Bloatware Company Under Attack

A couple weeks ago we posted an article about Digital Turbine and its quest to rule the world of bloatware. The company has partnered with several large global carriers to preinstall its DT Ignite and DT IQ software which are meant to deliver personalized paid app recommendations on Android devices. The fact that Digital Turbine...

The Future of Bloatware, Making a Buck a Phone

A number of global carriers, including Verizon in the US and America Movil in Latin America, have partnered with a small public company, Digital Turbine, to preinstall targeted apps. These are specifically chosen upon activation based on mined user data. Certain OEMs like HTC, Acer, Asus, and Sony are also dipping their toes. But bloatware...