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I am a lover of Android and have been using the platform since the HTC Legend.

XDA Friday 6/10/16

  Check out the links to these articles below and have a great weekend! Details on the new Moto Z Sony Stamina Mode Vs. Doze Xperia X Video Recording Issues HTC 10 Buttons Mod Thread:

The Best Tripod for Your Smartphone

In this video we checkout why so many smartphone tripods are terrible. The JOBY MPod Mini is a unique and effective solution to the problem. Watch me put it to the test with a few different scenarios and see how it does. If you want to pickup a JOBY MPod Mini for yourself, grab one on Amazon...

Top 5 Gmail/Inbox Features on Android

Hey kids, do you like emails? Gmail is something we all use whether we like it or not. For those of you that are Gmail power users, you'll want to check out these features that will improve your Gmail experience on Android. Now if you're in a situation where you can't be bothered to watch a video, like...