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Rowan Alker

He has a fascination with all forms of technology and has a tendency to take things apart to see how they work and whether he can improve or reconstruct them. He relishes new advancements in technology and how it may affect Human-Technology relations.

App Review: YouTube Gaming

Yesterday saw the release of Google’s new addition to the global video site YouTube, YouTube Gaming. Being brought to you by the makers of Android, it of course comes with an app which we have taken an in-depth look at for you. Firstly, what is YouTube Gaming? Well, not only does it let you keep up-to-date with...

Sacrificing Android Innovation With Customers In Mind

Every year OEMs bring out countless new devices, with ‘new and improved’ features, in an attempt to sate our hunger for technology. However, how much control do we really have on these developments? Is the market being guided and directed by consumers, or are we blindly following the breadcrumb path set to make us think...

Blackberry and a Possible Comeback for Physical Feedback in Keyboards

There was a time not too long ago when touchscreens were a thing of the future. The idea of smartphones - mobile devices that could access the internet and emails, as well as call and text - was a new one. It’s hard to believe that this was not that long ago, when Blackberry ruled...