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Steven grew up wishing he could take the internet everywhere with him. His first smartphone was an HTC Legend, and he's been tinkering and playing with Android ever since. With a background in accounting, he strives to bring a unique perspective to the tech journalism world.

25 Years of Linux and the GPL, and How Android Benefits

Happy Birthday to Linux. It’s been 25 years since Linux was first announced. It started from very humble beginnings, with Linus Torvalds describing it as “just a hobby, [that] won't be big and professional like gnu”, but it has grown into being the world’s largest open source project and the most commonly used Operating System...

[UPDATE: Response from HTC] HTC Breaks One A9’s 15-Day Update Promise on the Phone’s First Major Update

Today, HTC announced their planned update schedule for Android 7.0 Nougat. The HTC 10 will be getting the update in Q4, and the HTC One M9 and HTC One A9 will be getting it afterwards. It’s always fantastic when an OEM is clear, concise, and communicative about their planned update schedule. That communication is a big part...

Gorilla Glass 5 and Shattered Expectations: Revisiting Old Solutions to Current Problems

Update: There was an issue with JerryRigEverything's initial scratch test which has since been corrected. The Note 7 is scratching at a Mohs of 6 like Corning stated, however that still is lower than the Mohs hardness of 7 that is recommended for watches and jewelry, meaning that the point of this article still stands. The...