Auto Recorder Automatically Starts Recording When it Detects Audio Hits a Certain Level

Auto Recorder Automatically Starts Recording When it Detects Audio Hits a Certain Level

Smartphones can be used for a lot of different functions with many people using older phones as dash cams, dedicated music players, etc. Developer Aiuspaktyn recently published an application called Auto Recorder to XDA Labs that will start and stop recording audio when it reaches and drops below certain levels. This can even let you use your current phone as a voice operated switch, also known as VOX or Voice Operated eXchange. The base Auto Recorder app is free but the pro version comes with additional features.

Auto Recorder Pro Features

– Smart Voice-activated Spy recording.
– Mic calibration recorder.
– Stopping recording automatically.
– Live audio spectrum analyzer.
– Unlimited recording time.
– Date-based naming.
– Background recording (You can open other app while recording, even when display is off).
– Built-in share memo (Bluetooth, Drive, Dropbox, Email, Gmail, WhatsApp, etc.).
– Audio files .wav (3GP, AMR, MP4) export over the USB.
– Supports any OS (Linux, Mac OS, Windows, etc.) to playback using VLC.
– Landscape and portrait display modes support for Tablet.
– Show free space.
– Can set WAVE format (3GP, AMR, MP4).
– Can use the rear microphone.
– Can increase microphone volume.
– Can delete older records if you are running out of storage space.
– Can set the sampling frequency (kHz).

Check out Auto Recording directly from XDA Labs

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