Auto Turn on the Loudspeaker with Zevele’s AutoLoudspeaker

Auto Turn on the Loudspeaker with Zevele’s AutoLoudspeaker

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When you make or receive a phone call on your Windows mobile device, you might not always have the phone to your ear. Perhaps you might need to put the phone down and turn on the loudspeaker to continue your conversation.

XDA forum member zevele stumbled upon a request in the XDA forums for an application to turn on the loudspeaker when the phone is away from the ear, and turns it off when it is near the ear. The dev liked the idea so much that he developed AutoLoudspeaker.

When running the application, the main window appears.  If the application is minimised, it will stay on in the background, until the application runs again.  As long as the application runs, the loudspeaker will automatically switch if the proximity sensor is blocked/unblocked (only during an active phone call).

Requires .Net CF 3.5.

For more information and to download the app, visit the application thread.