AutoCon Manages Your Connections to Perserve Battery Life

AutoCon Manages Your Connections to Perserve Battery Life

As we’ve talked about in the past, battery life is still somewhat of a sore spot on most modern day Android devices. While our CPUs, GPUs, RAM, and storage have all received many boosts over the years, battery life on most mainstream devices has not. As such, making it through a full dayu of heavy use is difficult almost no matter what device you run–with the obvious exception of phablets like the Galaxy Note lineup.

Luckily, there are quite a few ways to stretch out your battery so you don’t have to be tethered to a charger all day. Obviously you could replace your kernel with a more battery friendly variant, and you could also mitigate the biggest battery drain culprit: screen brightness. However, there are other things such as WiFi and mobile data connectivity that also tend to zap our power reserves. XDA Recognized Developer bsuhas created a smart application that is aimed at limiting your connections when your screen is off to save power and data usage.

The aptly titled AutoCon works by turning off your WiFi, mobile data, and Bluetooth connections when your screen is off and turning them back on when the screen is back on. You can set it to connect to networks periodically so that you don’t lose access to your notifications, and you can change the interval at which mobile data is reestablished to customize it to suit your needs. Furthermore, the app is also able to pull off various other tricks such as disabling WiFi when no network is available or turning off AutoCon’s connection disabling functionality when a particular app is opened. This would then allow you to whitelist certain apps that would be allowed to keep connectivity when they are open–useful for large downloads, etc.

If battery life is a sore spot for your device and you’d like to optimize your battery life in order to make the most of what you’ve got, head over to the AutoCon application thread and give it a shot.



AutoCon will turn off the connections when screen goes off and turn them back on when screen turns on – Saves battery by turning off connections when you don’t need them, Saves data usages. You can still be connected to internet by activating networks periodically when screen remains off!

AutoCon helps user to control the connections like Data, WiFi, Bluetooth with the activities of screen. This will prevent the unwanted usages of the network connections which leads to improve battery life!

It has been observed that the internet connections (WiFi and Data) are one of the primary reasons of battery drain. Also they consume battery when user don’t need them. Typically users keep the mobile always connected to internet but majority of users don’t require the always-on connection, but its sufficient for them to connect to internet when required.

Its painful for user to turn on the connection when needed and turn it off when done. Here comes AutoCon.
AutoCon will turn off the connections when screen goes off and turn them back on when screen turns on!

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