AutoKiller – Memory Management for Android

AutoKiller – Memory Management for Android

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AutoKiller is a memory management application for your Android device.

Developed by XDA forum member ratson, AutoKiller is designed to fine-tune and make your device run smoother and faster by configuring the system’s internal memory management routines.

The application also features a full-powered process manager and is confirmed to be working on (but not limited to) the Nexus One, HTC Hero, HTC Dream.

Originally posted by ratson:

  • process manager
  • simple/advanced mode
  • presets
  • shortcuts to presets
  • settings reapply on boot
  • pages/mb views
  • statistics

Root is required for all features to work.

AutoKiller is available for free to download from the Market.

For more information, including compatible devices, check out the application thread.