Automagic, a popular automation app and alternative to Tasker, is no longer in development

Automagic, a popular automation app and alternative to Tasker, is no longer in development

Last Friday was a sad day for Android power users, as the developer of Automagic announced that development has been halted and the app has been pulled from the Google Play Store.

Automagic has been one of the most popular automation apps for Android since it was first published in 2012. The app’s flow-chart interface made it intuitive to use as opposed to its main competitor, Tasker, which has a steep learning curve. While Tasker’s original developer also stepped down from the development of the app, a new developer took over to continue work.

Automagic, however, won’t be handed over to another developer. The developer of the app announced on the app’s official forums that the decision to halt development was made for personal and economic reasons.


For personal and economical reasons we have to announce that the development of Automagic has been stopped and that Automagic is no longer available in Google Play for new users.

In the download section of our website you can find the latest Google Play version (v1.37) and the latest version with adaptations for Android 10 including some new features (v1.38).

We would like to thank all users, friends and family members for their support over the last 10 years.

Best regards,

Android’s ever-changing APIs and platform behaviors are hard to keep up with, especially for developers of automation apps with features that rely on numerous APIs. The economic burden of the global COVID-19 pandemic likely didn’t help spur development, either. While Tasker offers the same or more functionality as Automagic, it’s still sad to see a beloved app go by the wayside. Automagic made automation more accessible to users while Tasker focuses on adding every feature under the sun. The two coexisted for years, but eventually, fans of Automagic will have to shift to another app.

If you insist on continuing to use Automagic, though, you can find the latest version from Google Play (v1.37) in the download section of the developer’s website. There, you can also find the latest version with support for Android 10 (v1.38). With the app no longer in development, don’t be surprised if certain features stop working in future Android releases.

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