Automate Your Uber / Lyft Driving With A Free App

Automate Your Uber / Lyft Driving With A Free App

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Uber and Lyft are great alternatives to the traditional taxi system. Many XDA members even work as a driver in either company! Using two applications at the same time can lead to many problems, however.

XDA Senior Member ThunderStick managed to find a way to use both applications simultaneously. Additionally, Uber / Lyft Automated Driver offers the following functionality.

  • Logs all your trips with no user interaction
  • Tracks the route you took
  • Logs your accept, arrive, pick-up and drop off time and locations
  • Automatically accepts Uber/Lyft trips and disables the opposite app when one is accepted
  • Displays all your trip data on a user-friendly interface
  • Filter how the app will accept trips according to distance, surge rates, rider rating, and service requested
  • Stores all your data locally on your device
  • Display trip routes you drove
  • Audible alerts when accepting trips
  • Store you trip data on your Google Drive
  • Create printable reports

The developer plans to enhance the app’s functionality with many improvements, so it’s definitely an interesting project if you are (or plan to become) an Uber/Lyft driver. Give this application a try!

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