Automate Your Build.Prop Editing with a Simple Flashable ZIP

Automate Your Build.Prop Editing with a Simple Flashable ZIP

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It’s absolutely no secret that many of us like to crack-flash our ROM nightlies. After all, this is the best way to stay on the bleeding edge of ROM features unless you compile yourself and cherry pick from your ROM’s Gerrit. A lot of us also like to modify our build.prop with either cheeky text for the Android version field or settings that may change how certain functions operate. But if you’re flashing your ROM on a daily basis, this can become quite a bit of a hassle.

Luckily, XDA Forum Member klenamenis created an automated way of editing your build.prop. Rather than simply copying your build.prop from ROM build to ROM build, klenamenis’s solution allows you to create a list of changes in a file, which locate the fields you wish to modify and change them.

The advantages to performing build.prop modifications this way are twofold. For starters, it doesn’t matter if the ROM’s build.prop changes, as it only searches for and replaces text of your choosing. And even if your ROM’s build.prop remains the same, this is still more convenient than manually copying the file into archive before flashing.

If you find yourself flashing nightly ROM builds often and are tired of manual build.prop edits, head over to the original thread and give this a shot.