Automated Device Lets You Automate Your Android Device with Rules

Automated Device Lets You Automate Your Android Device with Rules

There are some great apps available for anyone looking to automate their Android devices such as Tasker and Llama Location Profiles, just to name a couple. But as with all things, there are a few setbacks, such as Tasker being a paid app, and Llama Location Profiles having limited activation conditions. Well, XDA Senior Member danielherrero looks to address these qualms by introducing an app called Automated Device.

The great thing about Automated Device is how much customization and flexibility it allows with actions, rules and conditions, and profiles. Any sort of condition you can think of, danielherrero has probably included it, as the app has thirty conditions, such as:

  • Battery level
  • Phone calls
  • Ambient light or temperature
  • Proximity sensor level
  • Bluetooth

As for rules, which are made up of combinations of conditions, the app lets you use either “and” or “or” to define actions. And if you’re worried about the number of actions that can be automated, no need to worry because there are more than twenty five different actions that can be executed when a rule is met.

Danielherrero has developed a very worthy alternative to the more popular, aforementioned automation apps for your Android device. It has an abundance of options and settings, and is easy to use. If you want to check Automated Device, visit the application thread for more information.

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