Automatically Enable Airplane Mode when You Lose Signal

Automatically Enable Airplane Mode when You Lose Signal

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There are few things more annoying than losing network connectivity on our supposedly always connected mobile devices. But one thing that definitely is worse is losing connectivity, and then subsequently draining your battery as a result of the lost connection. Unfortunately, this is all too common for those of us who frequently travel to rural areas because our mobile devices keep on searching for a network even when there is none.

Thankfully, there are steps we can take to make sure that our lost connectivity doesn’t result in a dead battery. XDA Forum Member ProjectZed created an innovative app called Auto Pilot Mode. This application is a lightweight tool that allows you to automatically enable airplane mode when your signal cuts out.

When you first launch Auto Pilot Mode, you set time and network strength thresholds to determine when airplane mode should be enabled. You can also set how long airplane mode should stay enabled before checking for signal again. In addition, Auto Pilot Mode also gives you the option to launch the app on boot and disable functionality when in a call. The app even allows you to automatically turn on WiFi when airplane mode is enabled.

If you frequently find yourself with an extremely low battery due to network issues, you may want to give Auto Pilot Mode a try. Head over to the application thread to give it a shot.