Automatically Stop Your Music When You Sleep

Automatically Stop Your Music When You Sleep

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If you’re a music fan—and let’s be honest, we all are—you surely have fallen asleep with headphones in your ears at some point. Most music apps don’t have an auto shutoff feature, and this means that your music will keep playing all night. This isn’t ideal, as you probably won’t get a full night’s sleep with the noise, and your battery will drain faster than without anything playing.

Luckily, Simple Sleep Timer by XDA Senior Member crazyfool_1 can lower your music volume, or even shut down your music player app, after a predefined amount of time. In other words, you can set the app to kill your music player after one minute or an hour.

This application supports most popular music players like PowerAmp, Google Music, or Spotify; so you shouldn’t worry about music player compatibility. Simple Sleep Timer works with all Android versions, ICS or later. It’s currently in its initial release, so there may be some bugs, but they should be ironed out really soon.

You can grab that simple, but useful application from the original thread. If you have a habit of going to sleep with headphones in, this app is a must-have.