AutoResponder for Instagram helps you automate your DM responses

AutoResponder for Instagram helps you automate your DM responses

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Instagram by Facebook, the photo and video-sharing social network, has become the social network of choice for many users, boasting of over 1 billion users as of May 2019. Because of the sheer number of casual users it attracts, Instagram has become a popular way for businesses to attract new customers and interact with them. Instagram also has its own set of “influencers” – users with very large followings that can leverage their social reach to promote brands and products. Needless to say, Instagram is a serious business for many, and every business can benefit from tools that can automate some of the workflows. AutoResponder for Instagram takes automation to your DM (Direct Message) responses, allowing you to maintain interaction with your users.

As the name implies, AutoResponder for Instagram lets you respond to Instagram Direct Messages with custom messages of your own. There are a fair few customization settings available, allowing you to set your own filters to which messages you want to respond. You can either choose to respond to all messages, or messages that have some similarity to the rule you have set, and filter out the responses to either just Individual DMs or group messages or both.

AutoResponder can further narrow down the responses to be sent only to specific contacts, or not be sent to specific contacts. All such functionality is available in the free version, but you can also expand functionality with the Pro version upgrade. This brings along features such as multiple replies in one rule, AI features with, Tasker integration for much more automation versatility as well as the ability to import backed up rules.

AutoResponder for Instagram — XDA Thread

Do note that the app uses the Notification access permission to respond to notifications, as it does not directly access Instagram.