AutoSheets is a new Tasker plugin to automate spreadsheet editing on Google Sheets

AutoSheets is a new Tasker plugin to automate spreadsheet editing on Google Sheets

Popular automation app Tasker today received a new plugin, called AutoSheets, that will let you easily automate spreadsheet editing on Google Sheets. The new plugin comes a few weeks after Tasker received an update on the beta channel that introduced a new feature to help users create custom sleep trackers.

As per a recent blog post by Tasker developer João Dias, the new AutoSheets plugin will let you automate just about anything in Google Sheets. The plugin supports a wide variety of actions at launch, including:

  • Add Rows: append rows of data to the end of a sheet or insert them somewhere in the middle of the sheet
  • Add Sheet: add a new Sheet (tab) at the bottom of your spreadsheet
  • Create Spreadsheet: create a whole new spreadsheet
  • Delete Cell Content: clear the contents of cells without actually removing lines of columns from the sheet
  • Delete Rows/Columns: remove rows and columns from sheets along with their content
  • Duplicate Sheet: Create a new sheet inside a spreadsheet which is a copy of an existing sheet
  • Format Cells: change the appearance of cells on your sheets like background or text color
  • Get Cell: a simple way to get the value of a single cell on your sheet based on its location or the value of a cell on a different column (great for Cloud Variables)
  • Get Data: get multiple rows/columns of data at the same time. Optionally name the output data as multiple arrays for easier data parsing
  • Get Spreadsheet: get info on a spreadsheet itself like its ID, sheet names, etc
  • Insert Empty Rows/Columns: Simply insert new rows/columns with no content
  • Update Cells: update the content of cells without inserting any new rows/columns

The following video shows how you can use the aforementioned actions to log events in a spreadsheet automatically:

You can use the AutoSheet Tasker plugin to log notifications from specific apps on your phone automatically. For example, you can use it to log notifications from your banking apps to keep track of your daily expenditures. It can also be used to automatically log fitness data, home automation data, and location data. Furthermore, experienced Tasker users can utilize the new plugin to store Tasker Variables in a spreadsheet.

Want to give it a shot? Check out a few sample AutoSheets projects to get a feel for the plugin by following this link. If you’re new to the automation app, make sure to check out our Tasker forums for tips and tricks that will help you make the most of it.

Developer: joaomgcd
Price: $3.49
Developer: joaomgcd
Price: Free

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