AutoVoice 3.0 Brings Google Home, Amazon Echo, IFTTT Integration, and Natural Language Support to Stable Channel

AutoVoice 3.0 Brings Google Home, Amazon Echo, IFTTT Integration, and Natural Language Support to Stable Channel

A new update to the Tasker plug-in called AutoVoice brings a lot of features that were previously exclusive to the beta version over to the stable channel. The AutoVoice 3.0 update in particular brings support for Google Home and Amazon Echo integration as well as support for Natural Language Processing and IFTTT integration to the stable channel on the Play Store.

Google Home/Amazon Echo

While Google Home and Amazon Echo are interesting pieces of technology, the presence of AutoVoice transforms them to handle more complex commands and scenarios.

The stable release of AutoVoice now allows users to access AutoVoice and say any command through their personal assistant of choice by starting off their commands with “Hey Google”/”Alexa” and following it up with “Open AutoVoice”. You can shorten the command to “Alexa, ask AutoVoice to say hello” to send the “say hello” command to connected devices.

To learn more about AutoVoice integration on Google Home, head on to our Getting Started guide.

Natural Language

The newest update to stable AutoVoice also adds support for Natural Language with the help of natural language machine learning provided by Natural Language support allows users to have more flexibility in their spoken commands, removing the need to strictly follow the written command text.

Natural Language is also integrated with Google Home and Amazon Echo.

IFTTT Integration

After being available to AutoVoice Beta users for a while now, IFTTT integration is now available in the stable channel. What’s more, IFTTT integration also supports natural language commands.

Simplification of Regular Commands

The newest update also simplifies regular, non-natural language commands. Profiles can now be created to accept multiple variations of a command. Also, utilizing the $variable notation will create a variable automatically, removing the need to use regex to create custom variables.

AutoVoice 3.0 can be downloaded from the Play Store. The developer also has a few tutorials in place to get new users started with AutoVoice.

Have you tried out the new AutoVoice update? Let us know your experience in the comments below!

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