AutoVoice Chrome Extension Update Brings Google Assistant to the PC

AutoVoice Chrome Extension Update Brings Google Assistant to the PC

Many feel that Google is still playing catch up to Amazon in regards to Google Assistant versus Amazon Alexa. Both have their positives and negatives, but we’re seeing Google making a lot of progress with both Google Home and Google Assistant as of late. Google recently released the Google Assistant SDK for developers to start tinkering with. It is in a developer preview stage right now, so it doesn’t have all of the features they have planned for at this time.

The Google Assistant SDK allows you to integrate the Google Assistant technology into just about any product you can come up with. They even showed off someone using it for a DIY robotic Mocktails Mixer in the blog post about the launch of the developer preview. We’ll have to wait and see if more third party companies start to use the platform in their products, but one popular Android developer recently modified the sample code and injected it into their Google Chrome extension.

We’ve talked about Joao Dias’ applications on multiple occasions since their Tasker plugins allow for a lot more customization options with our devices. AutoVoice is a popular one that they develop and it even has a Chrome extension so you can send voice commands to your phone straight from your browser. Mr. Dias was able to modify Google’s sample Google Assistant SDK code and put it right into their AutoVoice Chrome extension. This allows you to trigger Google Assistant right from your PC.

Be sure to check the demonstration video down below to get an idea as to how this works in practice. All you have to do is set up Google Assistant on your device by following the instructions written by us then simply run one additional command in the command line to get the AutoVoice integration up and running. The AutoVoice Chrome extension has an “always listening” feature so anytime you say “Hey Google,” or whatever else you have your wake up phrase set to, then you can start talking to Google Assistant directly.

Source: joaoapps