Avoid Obstacles and Keep Going in LineBox Game

Avoid Obstacles and Keep Going in LineBox Game

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There’s a game for every occasion, whether you want something with a well crafted story, a strategy game that requires patience and planning, or a casual game for when you’re bored and want to pass some time. LineBox, a game by XDA Forum Member lakrsv, falls in that last category–but definitely not in the last place.

LineBox is a minimalistic game where you control a small block. Your goal is simple: get the highest score possible by avoiding obstacles on your way. To do so, you can swipe up and down (or tap) to change your block’s position. The game gets harder as you go, but you can fortunately pick powerups on your way to help you break your high score. You’ll find some that will increase your speed and give you a good leap, and others that will decrease your block’s size, allowing you to dodge obstacles more easily. The latest update (released just a few hours ago) also adds a new powerup that will increase the gap between obstacles. Additional powerups are planned in future updates as well.

To add to the fun, you can also compete with your friends via the leaderboards (note that since this is provided by the Google Services, you’ll need those installed and a Google+ account; this is only necessary if you want to view the leaderboards, you can still play the game without them). Achievements will also be arriving in a future update.

If you’re looking for a game that’s simple to pick up but still provides a great amount of fun, then LineBox is exactly what you want — visit the LineBox forum thread to get started straight away.