Baby Yoda can live in AR at your place, with Google Search

Baby Yoda can live in AR at your place, with Google Search

Google is no stranger to a bandwagon or two, and today it’s hooking up with Disney+ to celebrate the Season 2 finale of its hit Star Wars spin-off ‘The Mandalorian’. Google recently celebrated the one billionth device running its ARCore framework. Put the two together, and what do you get? Your very own Grogu (alright, Baby Yoda, if you must), living in 3D augmented reality, wherever you are.

Grogu AR search result

The collaboration is the latest example of Google’s 3D AR search results. If you search Google, with your compatible mobile device, for “Grogu”, “Baby Yoda” or “Mandalorian”, you’ll see a 3D model at the top of your search results. Click “view in 3D” and he’ll go full screen and animate. You can zoom in or out, or spin him around within the browser, or if you want to adopt him, there’s a button marked  “View in your space”, which brings him out to wander around, wherever your camera is pointing, once you’ve told Google where the floor is.


Grogu 3D View

You may be disappointed to find out that, once he gets there, Grogu doesn’t actually do a lot, apart from standing there, occasionally looking around, and generally being a cute alien. There’s no interaction to speak of, whereas avatars from Google’s now erstwhile Playground feature were far more prone to react to their environment. However, he does make all those adorable little noises that have made him such a hit.

This is the second collaboration between Google and The Mandalorian, following on from The Mandalorian AR Experience, which launched last month, though only on a limited range of handsets.

The Grogu AR search result is the first tie-in we’ve seen, in a service that tends to concentrate on real animals, birds, biological functions, and cultural or heritage sites. It does mean, however, that a few more people will learn about the fun you can have making AR objects appear in your space. As you can see, in this case, Grogu is getting to know the local wildlife.

Grogu AR Dog

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