Back Burner – A Read It Later App for WP7

Back Burner – A Read It Later App for WP7

As developers start to present their works for the new operating system, I am sure we will see a lot of apps coming up that were a great success on the old but not forgotten WM, now ported to the new OS. XDA member tehyama presents Back Burner, the first read it later like application for the Windows Phone 7 platform. This application allows you to access all the content in your Read it Later account, giving you the ability to “read it” on the go. You can find other apps by this dev for free on the marketplace

Originally posted by tehyama
Back Burner

This is one of the first two applications we have released. Currently it’s a bare-bones Read it later client. I have a bunch of updates in the works, and a pro version with even more functionality. Right now I’m just trying to gauge interest in the platform. If you have any comments don’t hesitate to let me know!

I definitely have some updates planned. I want to add list manipulation, as well as text views and page saving. Look in the coming weeks for some updates.

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Mark Suddon

You can find more information in the application thread.

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