Backup Your EFS Partition with Wanam’s App

Backup Your EFS Partition with Wanam’s App

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ROM flashing seems to be an easy task even for Android newbies. Unlucky for some of Samsung users, the EFS partition can be accidentally wiped, leaving your precious smartphone unable to register with any mobile network.

To prevent yourself from EFS-related misfortune, you can backup the EFS partition, thus backing up your IMEI in the process on certain devices. XDA Recognized Developer wanam created an application that can backup this partition in several formats. A copy is saved on your SD Card, from which you can grab the backup and place it on other storage media.

The application works on most Samsung devices. The only requirement is root access. The application can also be used to restore the EFS partition when something goes wrong and you are left unable to get a mobile signal.

As you can see, ROM flashing is not always an easy ride. If you are not careful, your phone can quickly turn into a plastic paperweight. Don’t let this happen! Head over to the Samsung EFS IMEI Partition Backup forum thread to download the application and make a copy of your important data. More information regarding tool can be found in the application thread.