Who is Stericson? For many of you, those words are unlikely to cross your lips, and in that case, you’re probably wondering why we are devoting an article to his “unfortunate” ban. Before answering that question, I will touch on the aforementioned question of “Stericson Who?”

Mr. Stephen Erickson, one of XDA’s beloved Senior Moderators, is known throughout the community for many things, but in an effort to not bore you to death, I will keep this brief. His first project, Metamorph, started out as a shell script and transformed it into the first-ever Android Themeing app. From this point on, you may want to refer to him as “The Godfather of Android Themeing.” To give you a better understanding of how Metamorph changed themeing as we know it today, take a look at the “1st G1 Theme“.  Metamorph introduced a whole new way to theme. Rather then flashing a single zip file which would theme every aspect of your device, you were now able to pick and choose the parts of your theme, giving your phone a more unique look then the old method would allow.

Aside from being the Godfather of Android Themeing, he was also the first geek to create an interactive lock screen. You might say he brought personalizing your phone to a new level. Stericson’s expertise lies outside of themeing as well, but I am not going to get into that right now *cough*BusyBox*cough*. If you want to learn more about his accomplishments, you can check out his profile in the Android Market.

We in the Android Community know Stericson the themer/developer, but there is one thing about him that only his close friends and family know him for. Luckily, we are all friends here so I will let you in on “the real Stericson.” From the time he was a wee lad, he always had a fascination for power. Not the “Pinky and The Brain” kind of  power but the kind of power that amplifies 120 volts into your system. Imagine little Stephen running around the house in his whitie tighties, sticking his finger in every electrical socket he can find. Sad to say, it didn’t stop there…but that is a story for another time.

So now that you know a little more about the great Stericson, you are probably wondering, “Why the %#*! would you want to ban someone who contributed so much to the community!?” The answer is simple. If you stopped by the XDA Booth at the 2011 Big Texas Android BBQ, you may know what I am leading up to. Having a few Senior Moderators at our disposal (Mikey1022, M_T_M, & Stericson), we created two lists.


  1. Agrabren
  2. Cybik
  3. Tempest_Inc
  4. Edgemaster191
  5. KingKirk
  6. VLGMR1213


  1. ToastCFH
  2. Svetius
  3. Stericson
  4. PersuansOwn
  5. Mikey1022
  6. Tecnologyman
  7. Cyanogen
  8. RHCP10000000000000000000
  9. TheDudeOfLife
  10. DaveSr72
  11. Xoomdev
  12. Everyone
  13. CVPCS
  14. Don97

The people on the first list volunteered to put aside their addiction for 24 hours and let us ban them in support of the Android BBQ. For some of these members it was not an easy task…there was drooling, twitching, irritability and some other withdrawal symptoms spurring from missing their daily XDA fix.

Now on to the next list…”Ban Suggestions.” This list was created to offer an outlet for users to inform us of possible trolls to look out for. What it turned into was a way for members to taunt some of the bigger names, as well as tease their friends. As you can see from the list, Cyanogen himself was nominated and even agreed to go through with the ban. So of course, we honored him by banning his account during the duration of the BBQ. Now that brings us to Stericson….

As stated in my opening paragraph, Mr Stephen is a Senior Moderator here at XDA…he has a ban hammer, however he is not nearly as skilled with his hammer as our wonderful Portal Admin  (aka Thunderhammer). That being said, egz and I decided that we should honor the many +1’s that were written next to Stericsons name, and ban his account for 24 hours….and that is exactly what happened. The End.

Thank you all who supported this fun little experiment, but going forward, yall’ better be on your best behavior or you might have to deal with the wrath of Stericsons hammer…as he told me personally that he is going after each and every one of you who voted him off the island.