Protect Yourself from Shellshock Vulnerability with Patched BASH

Protect Yourself from Shellshock Vulnerability with Patched BASH

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After more than two decades, BASH is still one of the most important tools in UNIX systems. It’s commonly used in Linux, Mac OS X, and of course our mobile favorite, Android. BASH was a reliable tool for a very long time until the Shellshock bug was discovered. The security hole may cause vulnerable versions of the tool to execute specific commands.

While BASH on desktop OSes has been updated almost instantly, the Android version still remains unpatched. If you don’t want to be exploited, you can download the updated version, like the one prepared by XDA Forum Member 3lo0sh. This version is patched and is of course open source, so you can verify the code on your own. The patched BASH will work with every ARM device running Android, so the vast majority of phones released thus far.

To install the patched tool your device needs to be rooted. The downloaded binary needs to be pushed to /system/xbin and then made executable in Terminal or through ADB shell. This can be done with the very simple commands provided in the thread.

You can get rid of Shellshock vulnerability and install the patched version of the binary by downloading it from Latest BASH for Android utility thread.