Battery Failures May Delay Release of Samsung Galaxy S8

Battery Failures May Delay Release of Samsung Galaxy S8

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As previously explained, Samsung revealed the exact causes of the battery failures that ultimately led to the Note 7’s global recall in a press conference on January 22nd. While it was likely one of the most expensive consumer recalls in history, Samsung is still expecting Q4 2016’s gross income to be more than a three year high, defying expectations. Given the impressive transparency Samsung demonstrated in their press conference and their likely continuing profitability, the company is clearly prepared to shrug off the Note 7 failure and move forward.

Following the press conference, Samsung’s Mobile division President Koh Dong-jin answered several questions about the company’s near future. Intriguingly, he revealed that Samsung was not currently planning on unveling the Galaxy S8 at Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress, set to commence in just over a month. With a wounded reputation and soaring expectations for their follow-up devices, President Dong-jin acknowledged that Samsung was taking a deeply introspective look at their culture and practices. Furthermore, he went on to say that at the moment Samsung is more focused on repairing the damage that the Note 7 has caused the company, as well as the internal aspects that may have led to its consecutive failures.

On top of internal changes, Samsung has also stated that it has yet to decide if it will reuse any parts from the recalled Note 7 devices. With nearly 3 million devices recovered in an undertaking that will likely cost upwards of $5.3 billion, there are hard choices to be made. While the thought of nearly 3 million highly capable Exynos 8890s being tossed aside might leave us at XDA wiping away our tears, the consequences for consumer perception that reusing any parts from the Note 7 may end up being a powerful deterrent.

Time will only tell, and it looks like those of us eagerly anticipating a potentially bezel-less Galaxy S8 will have to wait a bit longer than normal for it to be revealed – arguably a worthy trade off if it gives Samsung the time it needs to ensure that the Note 7 remains an isolated incident of the past.