Can the battery be replaced in the MacBook Pro 13 (2022)?

Can the battery be replaced in the MacBook Pro 13 (2022)?

Apple introduced a refreshed MacBook Pro 13 model at this year’s WWDC, now powered by the new Apple M2 chip with even more performance than before. However, that’s basically the only that’s changed, and the physical design of the laptop is basically the same. And if you’re wondering whether you can replace the battery inside the new MacBook Pro 13, well, it’s complicated. Assuming the internal design is unchanged from the 2020 model, it’s technically possible, but Apple considers the battery to be integrated and there’s no official replacement battery available.


As such, we wouldn’t recommend replacing the battery inside the 13-inch MacBook Pro unless you’re feeling particularly adventurous and you have a lot of experience. The recommended route is definitely to go through Apple’s repair service, at least until Apple starts supporting self-service repairs for MacBook models.

How much does a battery replacement cost?

If you need to replace the battery inside your MacBook Pro 13-inch, you can send your laptop to Apple to have the battery replaced. If you’re repairing it due to a particular problem (which doesn’t include standard battery wear over time) and your laptop is covered by the warranty or AppleCare+, the repair is free of charge.

MacBook Pro 13 2022 overhead view with lid open

If you’re outside the warranty period or you simply need a new battery because the old one has worn down, the replacement will set you back $199. That’s the case with all models of the MacBook Pro, regardless of size.

If you want to start a repair request, you can head to Apple’s support website.

Replacing the MacBook Pro 13 battery yourself

If you really want to try and replace the battery inside the MacBook Pro 13-inch, you can try it, but there are significant risks involved. First, you’ll need a reliable battery, and seeing as Apple doesn’t sell them, you’ll have to try and find one from a third party.

The procedure to remove and replace the battery inside the MacBook Pro is lengthy and complex. You’ll need Torx screwdrivers to remove the base cover, adhesive remover, spudgers, plastic cards, and more in order to disassemble the laptop and get to the battery. We recommend following iFixit’s guide to replacing the battery, as it provides clear step-by-step instructions for every small step. Be warned that there are 38 steps, and that doesn’t count the reverse steps to put everything back in place.

And those are the basics of what you need to know about replacing the battery in the 13-inch MacBook Pro (2022). The best way to go about it is probably to just use the official repair service, but if you’re comfortable with working inside your laptop, even when it involves removing adhesive and disassembling various parts, then you can try to do it yourself. You’ll also need a reliable battery and plenty of tools.

MacBook Pro 13

Repairability on the MacBook Pro 13 is significantly locked down, and that’s the case with most of the best Macs you can buy today. Apple wants as much control as possible over its devices, and while it recently launched a self-service repair website, it’s still only available for iPhones.

That shouldn’t take away the fact that the 13-inch MacBook Pro is a great laptop, and according to Apple, it will significantly outperform Intel-based ultrabooks while lasting longer on a charge. If you’re interested, you can check it out below or on Apple’s website. Pre-orders open on June 17th, and it will be officially available on the 24th.

    The MacBook 13 (2022) comes with an Apple M2 chip promising even more CPU and GPU performance, in the same design as before. That means repairs are difficult, but it's still a fantastic device.

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