Don’t Miss Your Calls with BB Notifier

Don’t Miss Your Calls with BB Notifier

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Phones seemingly love getting lost from time to time. When we are in front of our PCs, we usually forget about not having our smartphones at our side, and if we use vibration mode, we may often miss an important call. Luckily, there are tools that can notify us about incoming calls.

If you’re running Windows OS, you can now have incoming call notifications in your system tray thanks to XDA Forum Member coder4hire and his new app BB Notifier. The app is made of two parts: a PC client that is installed on your Windows computer,. and an Android application that uses the Wi-Fi connection for push notifications. It’s a very simple tool, which doesn’t consume loads of system resources and does its job perfectly.

BB Notifier aims at being quite secure with your incoming call data. It uses a password and encryption technology to keep your data as safe as only possible. Notifications can be accessed only on a Wi-Fi network specified from within the Android app.

Applications like BB Notifier aren’t overly complicated, but they can really help us to make sure that we’re always aware what’s going on with our devices when we’re at our larger computers. You can learn more by visiting the BB Notifier application thread.