BBC podcasts are no longer available via Google Podcasts or Google Assistant

BBC podcasts are no longer available via Google Podcasts or Google Assistant

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Google Podcasts has been something the Mountain View tech giant has been working on for a couple of years now. What started as its own section in the Google Play Music application ended up getting its own dedicated application. Not only that, but we recently discovered that they are working on a desktop player for the service as well. Whether or not Google Podcasts gets a full web portal for the service or not has yet to be determined, but they did lose some popular podcasts recently as those from the BBC are no longer available on the platform.

podnews reports that all of the BBC podcasts have been pulled from not only Google Podcasts, but also from Google Assistant as well. This information has been confirmed by the official support page for the BBC Sounds app. We are told that the podcasts have been removed because they require platforms “to meet certain conditions for BBC content to be available on their services.” The company is happy to bring back its content to Google’s podcast platform but it needs to be done “in a way that meets our Terms of Use and the BBC’s Distribution Policy.”

This is happening because Google is required to sign a license in order to link to any of the BBC’s podcasts. Not only that, but they also have a distribution policy that requires Google to supply user data back to them. We are told there has been a “consultation with Google,” but as of right now there has yet to be any resolution in the matter. This seems to be happening to a number of different distribution platforms for podcasts as of late and has resulted in the podcasts only being made available in the BBC Sounds application.

Via: podnews Source: BBC