Beat Pad Droid (Evo Exclusive) Now in Beta3

Beat Pad Droid (Evo Exclusive) Now in Beta3

Many of you may have registered to receive an invite for Google’s App Inventor program, and XDA forum member Rydah805 is one of the many that have already received their invite.

As the XDA member is a musician and recently purchased a Music Production Centre, he had an idea to make an Android app that does the same thing.  Beat Pad Droid is a drum machine for the EVO where you simply click a pad and it makes a sound.

Beat Pad Droid is currently in beta and available to download in the application thread. Rydah805 has stated that any beta testers who provide quality input will receive all paid versions free in the future.

For more information, including future developments and known bugs, head on over the application thread.

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