Become a Data Scientist or an Expert Analyst with these Learning Bundles

Become a Data Scientist or an Expert Analyst with these Learning Bundles

Most major companies now base their decisions on data. Likewise, every self-driving car needs vast amounts of data to keep you on the road. For obvious reasons, people with data skills are in demand. If you would like to start a six-figure career or simply move up the career ladder, these course bundles can help. You can currently save hundreds on the training at the XDA Developers Depot.

Machine Learning & Data Science Certification Training Bundle

From facial recognition to self-driving cars, machine learning is hot right now. This bundle helps you program your own smart software from scratch, with eight courses and over 48 hours of content. Along the way, you learn Python and R. Order now for $35 to get the bundle, worth $1,600.

The Complete Microsoft & Oracle SQL Certification Bundle

If you’re going to work with numbers, you need to know something about databases and spreadsheets. This bundle helps you master both skills, with 120 hours of training working towards official Microsoft and SQL certifications. Worth $3,289, the bundle is now just $39 for a limited time.

The Ultimate AWS Data Master Class Bundle

Amazon Web Services is one of the most popular platforms for data storage and cloud computing. This bundle helps you start developing apps for the platform and using AWS to process big data. There are nine courses in all, worth $1,679 — but you can get them now for just $39.

The Complete Python Data Science Bundle

Used extensively in data science and machine learning, Python offers a great entry into programming. Through 12 in-depth courses, this bundle helps you to write your first lines of Python code and work with popular data frameworks (incl. Spark). Order now for $37 to get all 35 hours of video training, worth $1,189.98.

The Complete Tableau 10 Data Science Bundle

Tableau is used by large corporations that want to make data-driven decisions. If you would like to build a career in data science, it makes sense to learn the software. This bundle helps you get started, with five beginner-friendly courses focusing on business intelligence. Worth $623.96, the training is now only $19.

The 2019 Microsoft Excel Bootcamp Bundle

For any kind of data analysis, you’re probably going to need Microsoft Excel. This bundle provides a complete tour of the software, from creating your first spreadsheet to using VBA and Pivot Table. You get five courses in total, amounting to 78 hours of in-depth training. Order now for $39 to get lifetime access, worth $1,725.

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