Become A Git Pro With Git 101

Become A Git Pro With Git 101

One of the key aspects of smart and mature development is version control. One of the most popular methods is Git. It was developed by Linus Torvalds himself back in 2005 and even Google uses it to maintain Android. Well, the major part of it. While many developers use Git on daily basis, for some it’s still a riddle.

There are lots of Git guides floating around, including my own, that I wrote a few years ago. XDA Forum Moderator and Recognized Developer Vatsal has decided to refresh this knowledge a bit. He uses GitLab as his example application. Probably it’s a nice moment to mention a few things about GitLab. It’s an open source platform that is reliable and offers easy project importing from other sites like GitHub. With Vatsal’s guide, you can easily set up your own repository, push the changes and learn how to cherry-pick in a smart way.


As XDA we fully support open-source and encourage developers and companies to make their code public. While some projects are not GNU GPL licensed, the kernel source must always be up-to-date and accessible. We encourage developers to make GitLab or any other site home for their projects. Open sourcing brings more far pros than cons, as users can eventually become contributors. Almost every Android team we know uses Git as a tool. It’s an easy, yet efficient way of making things greater.

Git 101 is available as a forum thread here.┬áIt’s a nice place to start your Git journey. And finally, you can share your knowledge as a Git expert!

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