Become a Python Programmer With 91 Hours of Training for Under $40

Become a Python Programmer With 91 Hours of Training for Under $40

If you were thinking about learning to code, Python is a good place to start. This flexible language is easy for first-time developers to understand, and it’s used at the cutting edge of new technology. The Epic Python Developer Certification Bundle provides the ultimate education, with 12 premium courses helping you go from coding zero to programming hero. You can get the training now for just $39.99 at the XDA Developers Depot.

Python is the first language that many computer science students learn, and it’s used for a variety of purposes — from machine learning to cybersecurity testing. Professional developers earn $119k on average, and recruiters are looking for Python skills in many other fields, including finance and marketing.


This bundle offers 91 hours of content, helping you start writing programs from scratch. Through hands-on tutorials, you discover how to write simple automations and solve problems. With the basics in place, you can dive into machine learning, data science, network programming, and even penetration testing.

Delivered by top-rated tutors, these courses have thousands of positive reviews between them. You can study at your own pace and should come away with the skills to build your own software and handle big data.

Worth $1,794 in total, the training is now only $39.99 with this bundle.


The Epic Python Developer Certification Bundle – $39.99

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