Belkin’s new Connect Pro Thunderbolt 4 dock helps you create a complete desk setup

Belkin’s new Connect Pro Thunderbolt 4 dock helps you create a complete desk setup

Belkin today announced the Connect Pro Thunderbolt 4 dock for Windows laptops and MacBooks, as well as a standalone Thunderbolt 4 cable. The dock allows users to connect a complete desktop setup to their laptop using a single cable. The dock has a fairly sleek and premium design, with a metal shell protecting most of it.

The Belkin Connect Pro comes with two Thunderbolt 4 ports, one to connect to your laptop and one available for daisy-chaining. You can connect a Thunderbolt monitor to it, or other peripherals that take advantage of that bandwidth. The dock can deliver up to 90W of power to your laptop, which is enough to charge most thin-and-light laptops at full speed.


Aside from that, you get another USB Type-C port with power delivery (for a smartphone, for example), four USB Type-A ports (two USB 3.1, two USB 2.0), two HDMI 2.0 ports, one SD 4.0 card reader, gigabit Ethernet, and a 3.5mm combo audio jack. That gives you a wealth of ports for just about anything you want to connect. On laptops that support it, you can have up to three displays connected (when you include the Thunderbolt 4 downstream port). Oddly enough, though, there’s no DisplayPort output, which some may be disappointed by.

While the dock includes a Thunderbolt cable to connect to your laptop, Belkin also announced a standalone Thunderbolt cable if you happen to need an extra one. It may come in handy if you have a monitor with Thunderbolt support that didn’t include a Thunderbolt cable, or if you just misplaced the cable you had. As you’d expect,t eh cable supports the full 40Gbps of bandwidth of Thunderbolt 4, plus up to 100W of power delivery. It also comes in 1-meter and 2-meter length options, so you have a bit more flexibility with your connections.

The Belkin Connect Pro Thunderbolt 4 dock is available to order on Belkin’s website and on Amazon, and it costs $399.99. The Thunderbolt 4 cable is exclusively available from Belkin, starting at $44.99 and going up to $69.99. You may also want to check out our roundup of the best Thunderbolt docks you can buy today.

    The Belkin Connect Pro Thunderbolt 4 dock lets you add a wide range of ports to Thunderbolt 4-capable laptops. it includes triple display outputs, USB Type-A, gigabit Ethernet, and more.

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