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This $10 Belkin USB C 25W charger is perfect for fast charging your Pixels and iPhones

This $10 Belkin USB C 25W charger is perfect for fast charging your Pixels and iPhones

Fast chargers make life easier, especially when we’re always on the go — we get more juice in less time. Belkin’s Black Friday deals are live, and the latest steal is its 25W USB fast charger. You can own one for a mere $10, thanks to this 50% off limited-time discount. This charger is universal, so it works with a variety of devices, including Google Pixels and Apple iPhones.

    This universal USB C fast charger supports plenty of devices, and — for a limited time — it costs a mere $10. Grab it now while it's still in stock.

Some newer devices no longer come with a wall charger. This affordable Belkin charger is a perfect replacement that won’t leave a hole in your pocket. It works with iPhones, Samsung phones, and other devices optimized for power delivery. It’s worth mentioning, though, that iPhones can only take advantage of 20W with this charger. On the contrary, Samsung phones can make use of the full 25W power delivery.

Belkin claims that this charger will charge your iPhone and Samsung phone batteries from 0 to 50% in just 30 and 26 minutes respectively. The company also mentions that you can use this charger with iPads and Google Pixel phones. Considering it’s been in the accessories market for over 35 years, Belkin products are known to be durable and will meet your expectations.

This deal is for limited time only, so if you want to save $10, buy it now while it’s still in stock. Without the discount, this charger will cost you double the current price. It’s a steal that doesn’t come by often. It’s also worth mentioning that this is only a wall charger (that doesn’t include a cable).

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