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Here are the best accessories for the 24-inch Apple iMac with M1 Silicon in August!

Here are the best accessories for the 24-inch Apple iMac with M1 Silicon in August!

The 24-inch Apple iMac was announced at Apple’s Spring Loaded event back in April and comes with the company’s own ARM-based M1 chipset that currently powers the MacBook Pro 13, MacBook Air, Mac mini, and even the newly launched iPad Pro series. The new iMac has been redesigned from the ground up, offering a slim profile that measures only 11.5mm in thickness. This limits the overall number of ports on the device, but you do get two Thunderbolt ports, regardless of what configuration you choose. The 24 inch Retina display offers a 4.5K resolution, and for audio, a six-speaker system, Dolby audio support, a triple-mic array with noise cancellation, and yes, a headphone jack.


The new iMac is available in a total of seven colors, including Blue, Green, Pink, Silver, Yellow, Orange, and Purple. Apple announced the new iMac would be available at a starting price of $1,299 for the 8 Core CPU and 7 Core GPU option that features 8GB RAM and 256GB storage. The 8 Core CPU and 8 Core GPU variant is priced at $1,499, which also comes with 8GB RAM and 256GB storage. The high-end variant featuring an 8 Core CPU, 8 Core GPU, 8GB RAM, and 512GB storage is priced at $1,699.

Today we’ve compiled a list of the best accessories for the new 24-inch iMac with M1, to help you get the best out of your new machine.

    Best Thunderbolt dock

    This Thunderbolt 3 dock should be on your list if you want an easy way to add almost every single port you might need to your new iMac.

    Best Trackpad

    Apart from a hassle-free experience, the Apple Magic Trackpad 2 offers precise control and wide range of gesture support on macOS.

    Best External SSD

    The Samsung T7 is a compact portable SSD which is great for quickly copying large amounts of data between devices. It even comes with its own fingerprint scanner for added protection.

    Best low-profile keyboard

    The Logitech MX Keys is an excellent keyboard offering a low profile design with silent keys with scissor switches for comfortable typing and a dedicated row of functions keys which makes the experience wholesome.

    Best Wireless Earphones

    The AirPods Pro are a must if you're investing in any Apple device. These come with noise cancellation and apart from offering a simple pairing process, you can switch between multiple Apple devices as soon as you start using them.

    Best Mouse for Productivity

    A versatile and premium mouse, the Logitech MX Master 3 is a highly recommended mouse for the new iMac, if you're not planning to use the bundled Magic Mouse 2.

    Webcam privacy cover

    Protect your privacy with this easy to use privacy cover for your iMac that can attach over the webcam using a strong adhesive. It also comes in white color to match the bezels of the new iMac.

    Best Bluetooth speaker

    The audio quality on the new 24 inch iMac are pretty impressive, making use of six speakers. But if you crave more thump, then check out the Ultimate Ears Boom 3 which is an impressive Bluetooth speaker capable of delivering sound that can fill an entire room.

    Monitor riser stand with USB

    Add a monitor riser to your iMac for the right line of sight and clear out the clutter on your desk by storing knick-knacks underneath.

    Best USB microphone

    The Blue Yeti is regarded as one of the best USB microphones on the market suitable for streaming, podcasting, or just regular voice calls. It comes with four pickup patterns, volume control, headphone output, mic gain control, and an adjustable stand.

    Keyboard protection

    Keep your Magic Keyboard fresh with this transparent TPU-based cover that offers protection from dust and water.

    Best bookshelf speakers

    While the new iMac does come with improved speakers, if you are looking for a richer audio experience, the Klipsch R-41M is not going to disappoint.

    Premium external monitor

    Apple’s Pro Display XDR is meant for creative professionals looking for the best visual experience. It comes with a 6K resolution, 1,600 nits of peak brightness, as well as support for Dolby Vision, HDR10, and Hybrid-Log Gamma (HLG) playback. All this does come at a price, and a very high one at that.

    USB-C to USB-A adapter

    The new iMac doesn't feature any USB Type-A ports, so it's advised you invest in at least one USB-C to USB-A adapter in case you want to attach any external peripherals or devices.

    Affordable wireless mouse

    The Logitech Pebble M350 is a compact, lightweight budget wireless mouse with a flat profile and offers silent operation. It's also available in a variety of color options including black, silver, pink, green and blue.

    Premium noise cancelling headphones

    The AirPods Max is the most premium pair of noise cancelling headphones from Apple featuring a custom H1 chip, transparency mode, and 20 hours of battery life.

    Best portable monitor

    We recommend the Lenovo ThinkVision M14 if you're looking for a portable monitor, especially one that doesn't take a lot of space on your desk. It comes with a 14 inch full-HD panel and can connect seamlessly over USB-C.

    SD card reader

    The new iMac doesn't come with any card slots, so investing in a card reader is wise especially if you deal with photo or video editing. Anker offers a neat USB-C based card reader that supports SD and microSD cards.

    Ethernet adapter

    The base model of the 2021 24 inch iMac comes with an optional ethernet port, so if you need an inexpensive solution, this is the best adapter for you.

    Best wireless mechanical keyboard

    The Keychron K4 is a recommended wireless mechanical keyboard that officially supports the iMac. It's offered in a variety of key switches and comes with dedicated keys for MacOS.

    Best game controller

    If you're planning to do some gaming on your new iMac via Apple Arcade, then we recommend you invest in the Xbox One wireless controller as it offers seamless connectivity and compatibility with most games.

    Best external HDD

    For the ones handling a lot of data, it's recommended to invest in an external USB hard disk. The Seagate Portable Drive is available in 1TB, 2TB, 4TB, and 5TB capacities with support for USB 3.0. Note you'll need a USB-C to USB-A converter to attach this hard drive.

You may have noticed we haven’t recommended any external GPU options. That’s because Apple’s M1 chipset doesn’t offer support for adding an external graphics card, unlike the older Mac products running on Intel chips. So it’s safe to assume the new iMac also misses this feature.

If you’re interested, we have also compiled a list of some of the best mouse/trackpads and best keyboards for the new iMac. Are you planning to add an additional monitor to your iMac? Make sure you go through our guide for using an external monitor with the M1 iMac.

    Apple's new all-in-one has a 4.5K display, an M1 chipset, and comes in pretty colors.

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