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These are the Best Cases for your Kindle Paperwhite in 2022

These are the Best Cases for your Kindle Paperwhite in 2022

The Kindle Paperwhite is the most popular and best-selling e-book reader in Amazon’s Kindle lineup. It offers a bigger and better display than the base Kindle while also borrowing some of the premium features from the top-of-the-shelf Kindle Oasis. Last year, Amazon introduced the Kindle Paperwhite 11th Gen, bringing a revamped design, a bigger display, USB-C port, and faster performance.

Whether you pick up the newer model or, the older one, we highly recommend putting your precious Paperwhite in a protective case. While the Paperwhite is more durable than the base model due to its IPX8 rating, its plastic body and display can still pick up scratches fairly easily.


The best Kindle Paperwhite cases are lightweight, made from durable material, and feature cool designs. Most cases offer a smart wake/sleep feature, while some also have a built-in stand for hands-free reading. Here are the best cases for the Paperwhite 11th Gen and Paperwhite 10th Gen.

The Kindle Paperwhite 11th Gen and it’s predecessor 10th Gen have different dimensions, and hence, use different cases. Please ensure you pick the case that matches your product.

Best cases for Kindle Paperwhite 10th Gen

    The Kindle Paperwhite 10th Gen features a 6-inch glrare-free dislay, front light, and IPX8 water protection.

    Slim and lightweight

    A lightweight fabric cover that features soft interior to protect display. The magnetic clasp keeps the lid securely closed, while precise cutouts let you charge the device without taking off the cover. Comes in a range of bright and fun colors.

    Waterproof leather exterior

    This case from CoBak has waterproof PU leather exterior and anti-scratch microfiber interior. It also adds a smart wake/sleep feature and comes in a wide selection of colors, designs and finishes

    Origami stand

    This case comes with a built-in origami stand that lets you prop up your Paperwhite into landscape or portrait orientation for hands-free viewing. It has textured outer shell and comes in multiple color options

    With a kickstand

    This lightweight case features splash-prooof PU leather and microfiber interior. It als offers a built-in kickstand and a hand strap for secure and comfortable hand grip.

    A clear case

    If you don’t like bulky folio cases, perhaps this clear silicone case might interest you. While not as robust as other cases, It will protect your Kindle against drops and falls and keep the back panel scratch-free. Note that this cover doesn’t protect the front/display

    Official fabric cover

    The official fabric case for the Paperwhite is slim and lightweight and feels nice to touch. It provides ample protection against scratches and drops and has a magnetic lock to keep the lid securely closed.

Best cases for Kindle Paperwhite 11th Gen

    The Kindle Paperwhite 11th Gen packs a 6.8-inch E-ink display with adjustable Warm Light and USB-C port.

    Leather case

    Amazon’s official leather case features textured natural leather cover that feels great in hand. It has magnetic clasp and supports the auto wake/sleep feature.

    Retro look

    Give your Paperwhite 11th Gen a vintage look with the Fintie stand case. The case is made out of premium synthetic leather and features a soft microfiber interior. It also has an auto wake/sleep feature, a built-in kickstand and a hand strap.

    Stylish look

    This case form Huarisu comes in a variety of cool prints and features durable faux leather. It doesnt add unnecessary weight and provides full body protection against drops and scratches.

These are the best cases for the Kindle Paperwhite 10th Gen and Paperwhite 11tth Gen. If you want full-body protection, go for the official fabric case or Fintie Slimshell case. The CoBack case is also a great option, and it comes with a waterproof exterior. For a basic level of protection, Deteck’s clear case should be sufficient. We also have some fancy options in the form of Huasiru and MoKo. Before you hit the buy button, be sure you check the compatibility with your model as the Paperwhite 10th and 11th Gen have different dimensions, and thus a case made for one model won’t fit the other.

We have also rounded up the best cases for the Kindle 10th Gen and Kindle Oasis. Looking to upgrade your Kindle? These are the best Kindle e-readers to buy in 2022.

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