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These are the best alternative cables and chargers for the Apple AirPods 3

These are the best alternative cables and chargers for the Apple AirPods 3

Apple revealed the AirPods 3 in late 2021. Whether you have a new iPhone, a versatile iPad, or a great Mac — these wireless earbuds will play nicely. Thanks to the company’s tight ecosystem, you get to take advantage of advanced features. These include automatic device switching between your nearby iCloud products and more. When it comes to AirPods 3 and chargers, Apple includes a Lightning to USB Type-C cable in the box. However, there’s more you should know about in this department.

The AirPods 3 case supports both Qi and MagSafe wireless chargers. So you’re not limited to just wired connections through the Lightning port. Notably, though, the case maxes out at 5W regardless of the charger you’re using. So no matter what wired or wireless charger you’re using, a brick with a wattage that is higher than 5W won’t speed up the charging process.


If you have lost the included Lighting to USB Type-C cable or are simply looking for an alternative, there are plenty of options to choose from. To help you make the right decision and pick a quality accessory, we’ve compiled a list of the best cables and chargers for the Apple AirPods 3. These include both wired and wireless options — so no matter what you’re looking for, you should be able to find what you’re seeking.

Best wireless chargers for the AirPods 3


    This Anker Qi wireless charging pad comes with an affordable price tag. You can use it individually for both your supported iPhone and AirPods 3 case.


    This is the official MagSafe charger from Apple. It attached magnetically and individually charges your compatible iPhone and AirPods 3 case.


    This one is another official MagSafe charger from Apple. It can charge your compatible iPhone and AirPods 3 case simultaneously.


    This station has a MagSafe pad, a Qi pad, and an Apple Watch charging puck. You can charge your AirPods 3 through MagSafe or Qi.


    This Anker stand has MagSafe and Qi charging pads. You can charge your AirPods 3 and compatible iPhone simultaneously.


    Similar to the Anker stand, this charging station can also charge your compatible iPhone and AirPods 3 case through the MagSafe and Qi standards.

Best charging cables

    1 Meter

    This is the official Lightning cable from Apple. Buy it if you have a USB Type-A charging brick.


    This Lightning to USB-A cable from Amazon Basics is for those on a limited budget.

    2 Meters

    This official cable from Apple is similar to the one included in the AirPods 3 box. However, it has a 2-meter length.

Unlike some recent Android smartphones, iPhones still don’t support reverse wireless charging. So you won’t be able to place your AirPods on your iPhone’s back to charge them until the company decides otherwise. In the meantime, you will have to depend on the wired and/or wireless chargers we’ve listed for your AirPods 3. Personally, I go for wireless charging — as I dislike having many cables on my desk.

    The AirPods 3 offer an overhauled build and Spatial Audio support. They lack ANC capabilities, though.

Which of these AirPods 3 chargers will you buy, and why? Let us know in the comments section below.

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