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These are the best Apple iPad Air 5 cases to buy in 2022

These are the best Apple iPad Air 5 cases to buy in 2022

Apple released the iPad Air 5 back in the Spring of 2022. This M1-powered tablet was revealed during its Peek Performance event, along with the iPhone SE 3 and Mac Studio. This iPad expectedly retains the design of the previous-gen model. However, it comes with notable performance boosts that make it a solid device. These improvements include optional 5G support and the introduction of the Apple M1 chip to the iPad Air lineup. If you buy the iPad Air 5 (2022), it’s important to also get a screen protector to avoid deep scratches. Another wise idea would be protecting it with a case. This helps minimize potential damages in case you drop it accidentally. Here’s a list of the best Apple iPad Air 5 (2022) cases you can buy right now.


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Official cases

Apple manufactures and sells the official iPad Air 5 (2022) cases. They have solid quality and offer smart features — such as the auto display wake/sleep functionality.


    This official folio from Apple offers auto display sleep/wake support, multiple viewing angles for the stand, and a slim design.

    English Lavender

    This folio is identical to the previous one but comes in English Lavender instead of Black. It's ideal for those who prefer vivid colors.


    This Apple smart folio comes in White and is otherwise identical to the Black and English Lavender ones. It's for those who are looking for something clean.

Clear cases

Clear cases for the iPad Air 5 (2022) are designed to show off the original look of the tablet without sacrificing protection. They’re perfect for those who aren’t big fans of cases but want to minimize potential damages to their new devices.


    This clear case is made from soft, flexible materials that give the iPad a pleasant feel when held.


    This clear case is light, tear-resistant, flexible, and offers a shockproof layer to protect your new iPad.

    Touch ID Support

    This flexible clear case has a dedicated cut for the power button that exposes the Touch ID sensor for easy access.

Thin cases

Thin cases are for people who dislike rugged and hefty ones. they don’t dodge shocks as much, but they’re still infinitely better than using your iPad without a case at all.

    With Bumper

    This thin case has a minimalistic bumper on the side that offers better protection when the iPad is dropped on its edge.

    Pencil Support

    This matte case allows you to normally use and charge your Apple Pencil 2 through your iPad Air 5.


    This case is made from materials that are resistant to fingerprints. It retains a clean, matte look even when you hold it.

Rugged cases

Rugged cases are aimed at people who work or spend time in rough environments. They’re especially better at absorbing shocks and are recommended for those who frequently drop their iPads.

    With Kickstand

    This rugged case comes with a shoulder strap and a kickstand. So you can easily carry it around and enjoy hands-free landscape viewing. That's in addition to its shockproof protective layer.

    Pencil Holder

    This rugged case includes an Apple Pencil 2 holder so you don't drop or lose your stylus. It's available in seven colors.


    360º Protection

    This rugged case comes with a built-in screen protector and a kickstand for landscape viewing. It's available in Black and Dark Blue and includes an Apple Pencil 2 holder.

Kickstand cases

Kickstand cases offer a convenient way to erect an iPad Air 5 (2022) on a flat surface. They especially make watching content a more enjoyable hands-free experience.

    Air Cushion Tech

    Available in four colors, this kickstand case from Spigen has the Air Cushion technology. This makes it exceptionally resistant to shocks.

    Color Options

    This kickstand case has a hard back and supports the smart display auto wake/sleep feature. It's available in eleven vibrant colors.


    This multi-angle viewing case is available in 24 artsy patterns, includes a pocket for storage, and has an Apple Pencil holder.


    This kickstand case has a rugged built to shield it from shocks. It's available in four different colors to choose from.


    This clear case is available in eight colors to choose from. It offers an Apple Pencil 2 holder and 360º protection.

    Auto Display Wake/Sleep

    This smart kickstand case is for those who want front and back protection without carrying around a bulky case.

Wallet cases

Wallet cases add protection and an extra functionality — a space to store cards or cash. They’re great for those who often carry their iPads around and want to store certain things in them.


    This leather wallet case has a very formal look to it. It's ideal for those who use their iPads during in-person work meetings.


    This elegant wallet case has a rotating kickstand mechanism that erects the iPad in both portrait and landscape orientations.


    This 360º case is available in dozens of different colors and patterns to choose from. It also offers a kickstand and auto display wake/sleep support.

Stylish cases

Stylish cases are for those of you who want to stand out of the crowd. They’re unique, loud, and change the entire personality and look of your iPad Air 5.


    This stylish case has a premium-looking marble print on it. It offers 360º protections and is available in four different colors.

    Stress Reliever

    This colorful, stylish case has stress-relieving bubbles for you to pop while using your iPad. It also includes a shoulder strap.


    This glittery case is available in five different colors to choose from. It supports Apple Pencil 2 charging through its built-in holder.

Leather cases


    This leather stand cover from TORRO supports the smart display wake/sleep feature. It's available in five different colors to choose from.


    This leather kickstand case has a rotating mechanism that allows you to erect it in both landscape and portrait orientations.

    Hand Strap

    This leather case has a hand strap for easy carrying and is available in sixteen different colors and patterns to choose from.

Personally, if I had to buy one of these cases for my iPad Air 5 (2022), I would go for the Black Apple Smart Folio. That’s because it offers front and back protection, auto wake/sleep, and a kickstand for landscape viewing.

The iPad Air 5 (2022) comes with a charging brick and a cable in the box. But just in case you need another pair, you can check out our charging brick and cable recommendations too.

    The 2022 5th-generation iPad Air is powered by the Apple M1 processor, it supports 5G for the first time, and it comes in an array of beautiful colors.

Which of these cases will you be buying for your iPad Air 5 (2022)? Let us know in the comments section below.

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