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These are the Best Apple iPad Air 5 (2022) Screen Protectors to buy in 2022

These are the Best Apple iPad Air 5 (2022) Screen Protectors to buy in 2022

Apple finally revealed the iPad Air 5 (2022) during its Peek Performance event. This new tablet features the same exterior design of the previous-gen model. However, it comes in new vivid finishes and boosted internals that take it to the next level. These include optional support for 5G networks and the Apple M1 chip. When you buy the iPad Air 5, it’s important to protect it with a case. This minimizes damages of potential accidents. You may also want to get another charger or cable if you’re not satisfied with the one included in its box. To further protect your slab of glass, you can pair the case with a screen protector. Considering iPads have large displays, scratches will likely appear eventually. These will only steal its premium look and feel. These are the best screen protectors you can buy for your new Apple iPad Air 5 (2022).



    This screen protector has a matte feeling to it that makes your iPad's display feel like a paper. It's especially noticeable when using the Apple Pencil.


    This tempered glass screen protector from Spigen comes with an auto-alignment tool for an accurate, hassle-free installation.


    If you spend too many hours per day using your iPad, this one blocks harmful High-Energy Visible (HEV) blue light and 99% of UV light.

    Scratch Resistant

    This scratch resistant, tempered glass screen protector comes with an installation frame to ensure that you apply it correctly.


    This case-friendly screen protector from Spigen is highly responsive, has a 9H hardness, and is oleophobic to resist fingerprints.

    Ultra Sensitive

    This pack includes two sensitive screen protecters that support Apple Pencil, a squeegee, wet/dry wipes, and dust removal sticks.

If I personally had to buy one of these screen protectors for my Apple iPad Air 5 (2022), I would totally go for the ESR Paper-Feel Screen Protector. I tend to prefer matte screen protectors over clear ones on iPad displays. It gives the tablet a nice feel and reduces the glare.

It’s especially essential for iPad users to buy cases and screen protectors. Unlike iPhones, they have significantly large displays and glass backs that are prone to scratches and cracks. Even if you don’t drop your iPad, you will likely find light scratches on its surfaces down the road if you don’t protect it properly. These will make it look worn-out — even if it’s still brand new and fresh. It’s always better to be safe than sorry after it’s too late — especially since these accessories don’t cost much.

    The new 5th-generation iPad Air is powered by the Apple M1 processor, it supports 5G for the first time, and it comes in an array of beautiful colors.

Which of these screen protectors will you be buying for your new iPad Air 5 (2022), and why? Let us know in the comments section below.

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