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These are the Best Apple Watch Series 7 Screen Protectors in 2021

These are the Best Apple Watch Series 7 Screen Protectors in 2021

The Apple Watch Series 7 is arguably the company’s best smartwatch to date. It packs a host of improvements over the Series 6, including a larger screen and refined design. The smartwatch also has thinner bezels and comes with WR50 water-resistant rating. In addition, it is the first Apple Watch to come with IP6X dust resistance. Despite the bigger screen and newer features, the Apple Watch Series 7 can last a day on a single charge.

Moreover, Apple says it is also the company’s most durable smartwatch yet with a stronger, crack-resistant crystal on the front. While this crystal will certainly help protect the Apple Watch screen, considering the Series 7’s $400 starting price, you may want to add some additional protection in the form of a screen protector.


There are several Apple Watch Series 7 screen protectors available on the market. In addition, you have the option to go for a TPU-based screen protector or a tempered glass. Some Apple Watch 7 cases also come with a built-in screen protector. To help, we have picked the best Apple Watch 7 screen protectors you can buy right now.

Best Apple Watch Series 7 Screen Protectors

Before picking a screen protector for your Apple Watch Series 7, make sure its size matches your Series 7 size—41mm or 45mm. All our recommendations are available in both screen sizes.

    Six pack

    This is another excellent TPU-based screen protector for the Series 7. It’s self-healing and provides military-grade protection to the Apple Watch. In addition, you get six protectors in the pack, and the company’s offering a lifetime warranty.

    Lifetime replacement warranty

    The IQ Shield Screen Protector for the Apple Watch Series 7 provides edge-to-edge coverage of the smartwatch screen. It’s also durable and can withstand scratches, dents, and other abrasions.

    Reduces glare

    If you are looking for an Apple Watch screen protector that can reduce glare, this IQ Shield Matte Screen Protector is a great option. It’s thin and has been made with military-grade TPU film.

    Three-in-one pack

    The SuperShieldz Screen Protector is a TPU-based screen guard for the Apple Watch Series 7. It can protect the smartwatch from scratches and scrapes. In addition, you get three screen protectors in the box.

    Built-in screen protector

    If you are looking for both case and screen protector for the Apple Watch 7, this case from Goton is a good option. It is essentially a clear case that comes with a built-in screen protector. It’s also quite affordable.

    Tempered Glass

    The Colaxuyi Full Cover is a polycarbonate bumper case that comes with a built-in tempered glass screen protector. As a result, it offers complete protection to your smartwatch. Moreover, it doesn’t cost very much.

These are some of the best Apple Watch Series 7 screen protectors on the market. As more screen guards are released, we will update this selection.

If you are looking for one specific recommendation, we suggest going with the IQ Shield Screen Protector–41mm and 45mm. It’s made with TPU and provides a good fit. The Goton Case and the Colaxuyi Full Cover are also decent options if you want to safeguard the rest of the smartwatch along with the screen.

    Apple's newest smartwatch has a bigger screen, faster charging, and is still the best smartwatch.

Which Apple Watch Series 7 screen protector are you planning to buy? Let us know in the comments section. Meanwhile, don’t forget to check out the best deals on the Apple Watch Series 7 if you are still waiting to order one.

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