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Save up to $150 on the latest iPads during Best Buy’s Apple shopping event

Save up to $150 on the latest iPads during Best Buy’s Apple shopping event

iPads are great devices for entertainment, work, education, and more. What’s even greater, though, is finding significant, limited-time discounts on them. Best Buy’s Apple shopping event is here, and you can grab one of these shiny glass slabs and save up to $150 in the process. That’s A LOT. It’s also worth mentioning that these deals mostly affect the latest iPad models. So you’re not compromising by getting an older or outdated model. It sounds too good to be true, we know. But it is very real, and time and stocks are running out.


    This entry-level iPad has 64GB of storage and supports cellular data through Verizon. You can save $150 by grabbing it now for a mere $309

    M1-Powered Beast

    This middle-range iPad offers 64GB of storage and supports Verizon's cellular data plans. You can save $150 by claiming it for $599 only.


    This Wi-Fi-only, portable iPad has 64GB of SSD and costs $100 less for a limited time only. Grab it for $399 while it's still in stock.

All discounted iPads

You can see the full list of iPad deals on Best Buy in the table below. Click the name of the model you’re interested in to view the deal on the retailer’s website.

Deals as major don’t come by very often. Make sure to take advantage of this one while it lasts! Ultimately, people will be running and grabbing as many as they can and need. So latecomers might find themselves facing plenty of Out of Stock alerts. And trust me, you don’t want to miss out on iPadOS 16 when it launches publicly this fall.

Which of these iPads are you going to buy, and why? Let us know in the comments section below.


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