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Best replacement chargers for the Acer Swift 3 (2022)

Best replacement chargers for the Acer Swift 3 (2022)

The new Acer Swift 3 for 2022 comes with some significant upgrades. It has 12th-generation Intel P-series processors, a better webcam, and a higher-resolution display as a new option. Among those changes, there’s also a difference in ports – the new Acer Swift 3 no longer uses a proprietary barrel-type charger. Instead, you now get two USB Type-C ports with Thunderbolt and charging support.

This is great news if you want to travel, since it makes it easier to charge more devices with a single charger. Most devices these days support USB-C charging, so you can use the same one for everything. It’s also good news if you happen to misplace the charger that comes with the laptop, or if happens to break because you can replace it much more easily now. It’s much easier to find a USB Type-C power adapter than it would be to find a specific proprietary charger. As such, we’ve rounded up some of the best chargers you can buy for the Acer Swift 3, in case you happen to need one.


    For your laptop and more

    If you want a single power brick for your charging needs, this one from Baseus might do it. It has up to 65W power delivery, though it won't be as fast if you're charging more than one device at once.

    Basic affordable charger

    If you want an affordable option, this Amazon Basics charger meets the requirements of the Acer Swift 3 while being pretty cheap. It's also very compact and has folding prongs, though it doesn't include a cable.

    All the power you'll need

    If you want a charger that can truly handle all of your devices, this is the best option around. The main port can deliver 65W even when all the other ports are in use, and 96W when used by itself.

    Built-in cable

    This is yet another compact 65W charger, so it meets the requirements of the Acer Swift 3. However, this one has a cable built-in so you don't need to buy one or worry about losing it. It also has foldable prongs and it's very affordable.

    Fast with a cable included

    This Nekteck charger can deliver up to 100W of power, so it will even work with more power-hungry laptops if you ever get one. It's also one of the few options that include a cable so you don't have to buy it separately.

    Power to go

    If you want to keep your laptop running for longer, this bundle includes a 65W wall charger, but also a power bank that can charge your laptop at 60W so you can keep using it even if you're away from an outlet.

    Lots of ports

    Similar to the Belkin charger above, this one comes with a total of four ports, and it delivers up to 100W of power. It's not as powerful if you use multiple ports, but it's still very fast and a lot cheaper than its competitor.

    More than a charger

    If you want a charger that does even more, this Plugable dock is for you. In addition to delivering up to 96W of power, it has a ton of ports for peripherals making it ideal to use in an office setup.

    Power for days

    It's not for everyone, but sometimes it's good to go on a long trip away from home. If you can't go without your laptop, though, a power bank like this one can keep your laptop charged for days, in addition to other devices.

And that’s about it for the best chargers you can buy for the Acer Swift 3 in 2022. We got a little creative with some of the choices, but that should also mean there’s something for everyone. Whether you want a super-cheap option to use at home or something that can power through a long road trip, we have something for you here. And portable chargers are more important than ever with the latest Swift 3. Because of the new P-series processors that generate more heat, the new model has shorter battery life, so you may need the extra power more often.

The 2022 model of the Acer Swift 3 isn’t available to buy yet, but you can check it out below in case it goes live soon. If you don’t want to wait, you can always check out the best Acer laptops you can buy right now, or take a look at the best laptops overall to see what other companies are offering.

    The Acer Swift 3 is powered by 12th-generation Intel processors, and it comes with up to a Quad HD display and a new Full HD webcam.

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