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Best replacement chargers for the Dell XPS 13 (2022)

Best replacement chargers for the Dell XPS 13 (2022)

The Dell XPS 13 is one of the best laptops you can buy each year, and the 2022 model is no exception. It comes with a new, thinner design, and it’s a bit more colorful now, but it’s still as great of a device as it’s ever been. And while it does come with a charger in the box, sometimes, accidents happen. If you’ve lost or misplaced the one that came in the box, you’re going to need a new one, and we’ve rounded up the best chargers you can get for the Dell XPS 13.

Of course, we don’t expect most people to really need a new charger anytime soon, but if you do, we’re here to help. From official Dell chargers to various third-party options, we have you covered. We even have some options that do more than just charge your laptop. Let’s get right into it.


    Basic Dell charger

    This is the base charger you get with the Dell XPS 13, and if you need a reliable replacement without spending too much, this is a valid option. It won't give you super-fast charging speeds, but it gets the job done just fine.

    Extra compact

    If you want something that's easy to travel with, the Anker 713 charger gives you the same power as the default charger that comes with the XPS 13, but it's way smaller. A cable isn't included, though, so you'll need to bring your own.

    Faster and versatile

    If you want to charge your laptop faster or charge other devices, the Baseus 65W power adapter can help. It can charge your XPS 13 faster, but you can also use the other ports to charge your phone at the same time.

    Official fast charger

    Want to juice up your laptop as quickly as possible? The official 90W charger from Dell can do exactly that, so you can get back on the road quickly. It's naturally bigger and more expensive, but it's a reliable way to charge quickly.

    Cheaper fast charger

    If you want the fastest charging speeds possible and a more affordable price, the Nekteck 100W charger is a great option, too. It's actually faster than the official Dell chargers for the Dell XPS 13, despite being cheaper.

    Fast for two devices

    The Anker PowerPort III goes a bit further by not only giving you 100W of maximum power, but also two USB ports, so you can feasibly charge two laptops at the same time, though you can also use it with other devices.

    Charge everything

    Going on a trip? The Hyphen-X 100W 4-port charger means you can charge your laptop as fast as you want by itself, but with a total of four ports, you can also keep all your devices charged using a single outlet. Charging will be slower as you connect more devices, though.

    Charge on the go

    When you need to be away from an outlet for a long time, a power bank can help you keep your laptop charged up. With a 65Wh capacity and a 65W charging speeds, the official Dell one charges your laptop quickly and can greatly extend the battery life.

    Charger and dock

    The Dell XPS 13 isn't exactly overflowing with ports, so if you're using it at a desk, why not get a Thunderbolt dock that can also give you a lot more connectivity? It's far more expensive than a standard charger, but it's worth it if you have a lot of peripherals you want to use.

And that’s about it. These chargers cover a wide range of needs, even if it goes beyond just charging your Dell XPS 13. Whether you want something basic and affordable or a more advanced tool, there are options for you here. Personally, I’m partial to something like the Hyphen-X charger since it can be a hassle to charge multiple devices at the same time. But if you also happen to have a lot of peripherals and displays, something like the Brydge Stone Pro TB4 is the way to go.

If you haven’t yet, you can buy the Dell XPS 13 using the link below. By default, it comes with a 45W charger, though it supports charging speeds much higher than that. The latest model also comes with 12th-generation Intel processors and a new design that comes in two slightly more colorful versions than before. It’s certainly one of the best Dell laptops of the year, so we recommend checking it out.

    The new Dell XPS 13 comes with a complete redesign, coming in Sky and Umber colors. It comes with a 45W charger in the box, but you can use faster chargers too.

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