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These are the best replacement charger options for the MacBook Pro

These are the best replacement charger options for the MacBook Pro

When you spend over $1,000 on a premium laptop like the MacBook Pro, it’s only natural you’d want it to last as long as possible. Of course accidents do happen, and you can still break or lose your charger. There’s no reason to buy a new laptop just because your charger broke, though. It’s fairly easy to find a replacement charger for your MacBook Pro these days. To help you out, we’ve rounded up some of the best options for that.

Finding a MacBook Pro charger is actually pretty easy because Apple has been using USB Type-C for years now. The rest of the industry took a little longer to make the transition, but the vast majority, if not all the best Windows laptops today use USB Power Delivery. That means these chargers are everywhere, and there’s no shortage of options. And if you’re still buying for an old MacBook Pro with MagSafe, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered, too.


    For the 13-inch MacBook Pro

    If you want a charger that's just like the one that comes in the box, this is the one. This is Apple's official charger for the 13-inch MacBook Pro, rated at 61W. That's enough power for most ultrabooks out there, too. The downside is it doesn't come with a charging cable, so you may need to buy it separately.

    For the 16-inch MacBook Pro

    Unlike the 13-inch MacBook Pro, the 16-inch model actually comes with a 96W power adapter. It uses more power, so a higher-power charger is recommended, and this is the official one from Apple. It will work on other laptops, too. Again, no cable is included, but USB Type-C cables are increasingly common at least.

    Ultra compact

    If you want power in a small package, Anker's PowerPort III charger is the way to go. At 65W, it's not ideal for the larger 16-inch MacBook Pro, but it's a lot more compact than the Apple official charger, so you can more easily take it anywhere. On top of that, it's much cheaper than Apple's official charger, so you can't go wrong here.

    More power

    There aren't a ton of deals as good as this one if you want a super-fast charger. The Nekteck 100W USB-C charger will charge basically any laptop that charges with USB-C, and it will charge it very fast. It'll work with the 16-inch MacBook Pro, too, and this is a very affordable option that includes a charging cable.

    Need to travel?

    If you're planning to be in another country for a while, this Anker charger is great. It comes with swappable US, UK, and EU plugs that are way more compact than adding a travel adapter to your existing charger. Plus it has two ports, if you need to also charge your phone.

    Charge all your devices

    If you want one brick to charge all your devices, look no further. It has two USB Type-C ports and two Type-A ports, so it can handle almost all your devices at once. When using just one USB-C port, it can output up to 100W, but there are multiple charging modes to suit your needs.

    Charge and dock

    Charging is great, but sometimes you need more than that. This plugable Thunderbolt dock can in fact charge your MacBook Pro at up to 96W, but on top of that you get a lot of ports that let you connect a lot of peripherals, including external displays, Ethernet, and USB Type-A ports.

    The official for older MacBooks

    If you're still rocking a pre-2016 MacBook Pro and you're happy with it, you may just want to get a good old MagSafe charger. As usual, you can't really go wrong with Apple's official adapter, and with 85W of power, it should work for all sizes of MacBook Pro.

    A more affordable option

    For a pre-2016 MacBook Pro, it may be hard to justify Apple's asking price for the official MagSafe charger. If you want to save some money, this third-party option is far cheaper and offers the same power delivery, so you're not making any huge sacrifices here.

That should give you plenty of options for chargers if you have a MacBook Pro. You have some official, but pricy ones, along with many third-party options that are cheaper or more capable (or both). Arguably, it’s always best to go with the official options, but thanks to standards like USB Power Delivery, you should be fine with any of these. The Hyphen-X charger may be particularly interesting if you’re trying to reduce clutter on your outlet, for example.

Macs have long been fairly popular among college students, and that’s because they’re one of the best options for them. You can always check our list of best Macs if you’re considering buying one. If you’re set on the MacBook Pro, though, you can find it below.

    The latest 13-inch MacBook Pro comes packing the Apple M1 chipset, which makes it both very powerful and very power-efficient, more so than the previous Intel versions. It's got the recognizable MacBook design and the simplicity of macOS.
    The 16-inch MacBook Pro can be had with up to an Intel Core i9 processor, 64GB of RAM, and a whopping 8TB of storage. It's an absolute powerhouse, if you can afford it.

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