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These are the best replacement chargers for the Surface Pro 7

These are the best replacement chargers for the Surface Pro 7

The Surface Pro 7 is an excellent premium laptop, with a detachable design and high-end performance. It’s one of the best laptops you can buy today, but that doesn’t mean it’s completely safe from problems. Sometimes things just stop working after a while, and that can include the charger that came with your Surface Pro 7.  These things can happen, but thankfully, you can always find replacement chargers.

Now, one cool thing about the Surface Pro 7 is it actually supports two charging methods. It uses the Surface Connector to charge by default, but it’s also the first Surface Pro to come with a USB Type-C port. That gives you some extra options if you’re looking for a charger, and it means you can find a single charger for multiple devices.


    Straight from Microsoft

    If you can only trust the original brand, Microsoft does sell a 65W replacement charger that delivers exactly the same power as the charger that comes with the Surface Pro 7. It's a pricey option, but you'll get the reliability of an official product.

    Tons of power

    This Microsoft-branded charger offers way more power than your Surface Pro 7 needs, but that means you'll also be ready if you ever get something like a Surface Book, which can use that extra power. You may also get faster charging for your Surface pro this way.

    Charge and dock

    The Surface Dock 2 can deliver a lot more power than your Surface Pro needs, but it can also help you connect a bunch of peripherals at a desk. It has two USB Type-C display outputs, USB Type-A ports, and Ethernet.

    Save a buck (or many)

    If you can't fathom paying Microsoft's asking price for a charger, this alternative from E EGOWAY gives you the same power for a much lower price. It's a highly rated alternative that will work with most modern Surface devices.

    Compact but capable

    This charger is a rare example of an adapter that takes a USB Type-C port and turns it into a Surface Connector port. You can charge your Surface Pro 7 at 65W with it, but if you have a USB Type-C to Type-C cable, you can charge any compatible device with it, too. It also has a USB Type-A port if you still have one of those cables.

    Portable Surface charger

    Want something that can charge your Surface Pro 7 on the go? The BatPower ProE 2 is one of the rare power banks that comes with a Surface Connector cable for charging, plus it also includes a DC adapter if you want to plug directly into an outlet.

    Fast USB-C charger

    If you'd rather charge with USB Type-C, this charger can provide up to 100W of power delivery. You can use it to charge your Surface Pro 7, but also any other device that supports USB Type-C, like your phone and other laptops. It's great for interoperability.

    Affordable and small

    This charger can deliver the same 65W of power as the adapter that comes with the Surface Pro 7, but over USB Type-C. You can use it to charge other devices too, and it's way cheaper than the official options. Plus, it's very compact thanks to the use of gallium nitride.

    Portable USB-C charger

    You can charge on the go with this power bank that can deliver 60W of power through the USB Type-C port. Plus, this bundle includes a 65W wall charger, which can recharge the power bank or plug directly into your Surface Pro 7.

That gives you a few good charger options for your Surface Pro 7. If you happen to misplace your original charger or it broke somehow, these will get you back up to speed easily. Chargers that use the Surface Connector might be more convenient, since they’re magnetic. That means they’ll unplug more easily if you trip over them, instead of dragging your laptop onto the floor. You can’t go wrong with the original charger from Microsoft, but E EGOWAY makes a compelling case considering its more reasonable price point.

On the other hand, USB Type-C chargers are much more widely compatible. You can keep using them if you eventually switch laptops, or you can use them to charge your phone, for example. The Nekteck 100W USB-C Charger delivers 100W of power, meaning it can handle more powerful laptops than the Surface Pro 7 if you ever need it. However, they won’t work with older Surface devices without USB Type-C ports.

If you’re interested in the Surface Pro 7, you can buy it from the link below. Otherwise, you can look at Microsoft’s other great Surface devices, most of which will also support the chargers on this list. All the latest models will be able to upgrade to Windows 11 when it’s released.

    The Surface Pro 7 is a premium Windows tablet that can be paired with a type cover to be used like a laptop. It's powered by high-end Intel processors and has a high-resolution 3:2 display.

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