Best Cheap Phone Cases

Best Cheap Phone Cases

There’s nothing worse than dropping your phone and getting a nasty crack or scratch. This especially sucks if you shelled out upwards of $1,000 for a high-end flagship. Some phones are more fragile than others, but there’s one thing that can always help: a case. Sure, you could spend $80 on a case that can stop a bullet. However, for most people, a simple, cheap case will do the trick. In this list, we’ll share some of the best cheap cases that are available for a variety of phones.

1. Bear Motion Slim

The Bear Motion Slim Case has a very nice sandstone-like texture. The case is grippy without being so grippy that it sticks in your pocket. It doesn’t feel like the traditional plastic cheap case. The other great thing about this case is how incredibly thin it is. You can find this case for around $8 on Amazon.

2. Maxboost Perfect Fit

The Maxboos Perfect Fit is an ultra-thin, hard, snap-on case. It adds barely any thickness to your phone, but still protects the corners and back from scratches. This case doesn’t offer the most protection out there. It’s great if you want something thin. You can find this case for around $8 on Amazon.

3. Olixar Ultra Thin

The Olixar Ultra Thin case is crystal clear, incredibly thin TPU. This is the case to use if you want to still show off your phone, but be protected from nasty scratches. It’s also a nice way to add a little extra grip to a slippery device without making it too bulky. You can find this case for around $10 on Amazon.

4. Ringke Fusion

The Ringke Fusion is a classic case that has been a fan-favorite for a while. It’s a clear case that covers all the buttons and even has a flap to protect the charging port. The back is hard plastic while the bumper is flexible TPU. You get the best of both worlds with this case. You can find it for around $10 on Amazon.

5. Spigen Liquid Air

The Spigen Liquid Air is a flexible TPU case with an anti-slip pattern on the back. The matte surface doesn’t attract fingerprints and it feels nice in the hand. Despite being very thin, this case has military-grade protection and “Air Cushion Technology.” You can find it for around $11 on Amazon.

6. Caseology Vault Series

The Vault Series combines a traditional TPU case with a faux brushed aluminum texture. So while it’s still impact-resistant and flexible, it doesn’t feel like the typical cheap TPU case. All the buttons and corners are protected from dings and drops. You can find this case for around $13 on Amazon.

7. Supcase Unicorn Beetle

This is the most substantial-looking case on our list. The Supcase Unicorn Beetle is a dual-layer case with hard plastic and flexible TPU. It has a built-in screen protector to prevent scratches. The buttons are covered and it has flaps for all the ports. You can find this case for around $20 on Amazon.