Best Chrome Web Store Extensions

Best Chrome Web Store Extensions

The Google Chrome web store is a marketplace much like the Play store on Android. It features apps, themes, and extensions that run within the Chrome browser. Developers can list apps that are paid for, but many of the apps are free of charge.

The chrome web store is particularly useful to people that own Chromebooks, as their options for third-party apps are limited. Chrome can run these apps without the need of the Windows OS. If you’re looking for some great Chrome Web Store extensions, check out the list below.

Netflix Party

Watch Netflix remotely with friends

Netflix Party is a Chrome extension for watching Netflix remotely with friends, e.g., for movie nights with that long-distance special someone. It synchronizes video playback and adds group chat.

Smallpdf – Edit, Compress and Convert PDF

Easy-to-use PDF tools to Edit, Convert, Merge, Split and Compress PDF files. Integrated with Gmail.

Power-up your productivity by adding Smallpdf to Chrome! Gain instant access to a suite of useful tools to work with PDFs online.

Polarr Photo Editor Extension

Professionally edit any photo on the internet with one click.

This is the Chrome extension version of Polarr Photo Editor, for stand-alone app version on ChromeOS, please search “Polarr Photo Editor” in the Chrome Store and choose the app version. is the best way to do to-do’s

Over 25M people rely on to stay organized and get more done.

Dark Mode

A global dark theme for the web.

Dark Mode is a browser add-on that helps you quickly turn the screen (browser) to dark at night time.

HTTPS Everywhere

Encrypt the Web! Automatically use HTTPS security on many sites.

HTTPS Everywhere is an extension created by EFF and the Tor Project which automatically switches thousands of sites from insecure “http” to secure “https”. It will protect you against many forms of surveillance and account hijacking, and some forms of censorship.

Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder

Screen Capture FULL Web page screenshots.

Screen Capture FULL Web page or any part. Edit screenshots. Record screencasts – record video from your screen.