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These are the best accessories for the Dell XPS 13

These are the best accessories for the Dell XPS 13

There’s no denying the Dell XPS 13 is a fantastic laptop. In fact, it’s one of the very best laptops you can get right now. It’s no surprise, considering Dell makes plenty of great laptops for different types of users. But as good as any laptop is, there’s always going to be something you wish was different. Maybe you need a few more ports, extra protection, or you just want to set up a home office. To help you get the most out of your XPS 13, we’ve rounded up the best accessories you can get for it.

These accessories cover all types of use cases and scenarios, so whatever you may be looking for, you’ll likely find it here. There are accessories to enhance your productivity, others meant for when you’re traveling, and some are even meant for gamers.


    Premium wireless mouse

    The Logitech MX Master 3 is undoubtedly one of the best mice you can get right now. It has a premium-feeling metal wheel, a high-end sensor that even works on glass, and a comfortable design. It works wirelessly with Bluetooth or the included dongle.

    Keyboard and mouse combo

    The Dell Premier Wireless Keyboard and Mouse combo offers 2.4GHz or Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity allowing you to seamlessly connect and pair up to three devices. The set has a premium look that's great for an office.

    Ergonomic setup

    If comfort and health are your priorities, this mouse and keyboard combo from Microsoft is a great option. They have shapes that allow your hands to rest more comfortable and keep all the keys in reach in a more comfortable position.

    Extra comfort anywhere

    The Moft Z is a super versatile laptop stand that can fold into a variety of positions. It can put your laptop at an angle for more comfortable typing, or raise it from your desk if it's just a little too low or you want to stand up. It folds completely flat for easy storage, too.

    Secure external storage

    Extra storage can be important if your laptop just doesn't have enough, and the T7 Touch SSD from Samsung offers up to 2TB of storage and up to 1,050MB/s speeds. Plus, it has a fingerprint sensor so only you can access your data.

    Ultra-fast SSD

    This compact SSD from Sabrent comes in capacities from 500GB to 8TB, and it's super fast thanks to Thunderbolt support, giving it read speeds up to 2,700MB/s. It's also very compact, though there's also a 16TB model that's physically bigger.

    Official Dell dock

    This official Dell dock adds all the connectivity you need for your XPS laptop, including multiple display outputs, USB, Ethernet, and power delivery. It's modular too, so you can keep the same connector and upgrade the ports later.

    Tons of expansion

    If you have a complex office setup with multiple monitors and accessories, this Thunderbolt dock will be a life saver. It turns the Thunderbolt port on your XPS 13 into 14 ports including multiple USB ports, display outputs (both HDMI and DP), and gigabit Ethernet.

    Who needs Thunderbolt?

    Thunderbolt docks give you a lot of bandwidth, but they're also expensive. With this dock, you can still get a lot of ports for a lot less money. Six USB ports, Ethernet, HDMI, and DVI ports are all included for a much lower price. It doesn't charge your laptop, though.

    Glasses with sound

    The concept may sound weird, but the Razer Anzu glasses can help protect your eyes from the computer screen's light while also giving you a personal set of speakers right next to your ears. You can listen to music or take calls without being audible to everyone around you.

    Premium audio experience

    The Surface Headphones are a premium and sleek pair of headphones. They provide great audio and active noise cancellation, which you can adjust with granular controls using rotating dials on the earcups. There are also touch controls for music playback or calls.

    Wireless, but not Bluetooth

    If you've found that Bluetooth is hard to set up with your PC, the Razer Barracuda X are the perfect solution. They use a USB-C dongle to connect wirelessly, and you can use them with your laptop, phone, or console. They can also connect with a 3.5mm audio jack.

    Premium earbuds

    If you prefer the freedom of small earbuds over big headphones, Sony makes some of the ebst earbuds you can buy today. The WF-1000XM4 offer high-quality audio, active noise cancellation, and a premium-looking design.

    Look your best

    Even premium laptops often still have disappointing webcams, so this Dell UltraSharp model might be worth it for you. It supports a whopping 4K resolution, HDR, auto framing, and has a Sony STARVIS sensor for improved low-light performance.

    A more affordable webcam

    We can't all afford to pay $200 for a webcam, so this alternative from Microsoft is a great option if the webcam on the Dell XPS isn't doing it for you. It supports 1080p video at 30fps and with HDR, plus it has a privacy shutter.

    Ultrawide Thunderbolt monitor

    If you want the ultimate setup for productivity, this is for you. This Samsung J791 curved monitor gives you ultrawide Quad HD resolution in a stunning QLED panel 100Hz refresh rate. Plus, it's a Thunderbolt monitor with daisy-chaining support.

    Affordable QHD monitor

    Want a cheap monitor that's still sharp and great for multitasking? This LG monitor is a great complement to any laptop if you want something affordable, and it's solid for the price. It only has HDMI or DisplayPort input, so you may need an adapter.

    Make your own home theater

    If you want a big screen to watch movies with your family, this BenQ projector will deliver one of the best experiences you can find. It supports 4K and HDR, it has 3,000 lumens of brightness so you get a clear image anywhere, and the image can be as big as 300 inches.

These are the best accessories you can get to improve your experience at home, specifically for productivity. But if you’re a frequent traveler, we also rounded up a few great accessories to make the Dell XPS 13 even better on the go.

    Protect your XPS 13 with style

    It's important to protect your laptop from damage. This hard shell accessory can be attached to your Dell XPS 13 so it stays on while you use the laptop. It comes in a range of bright colors, so it can give your XPS 13 stand out.

    A sleeve with a mouse pad

    This slim sleeve doesn't just protect your laptop when you're taking it with you. The opening flap is extra large so you can use it as a mousepad too. It's great for those who never travel without an external mouse.

    For long-distance travelers

    This Dell briefcase is great for long trips when you need to take your XPS 13 and some accessories. It has plenty of space, it's water-resistant, and you can even pass a charging cable from the power bank slot so you can charge on the go.

    Easier travels

    Sometimes, the easiest way to transport your laptop is a backpack, and this option from Dell is sleek and modern-looking. It can handle larger laptops, too, and it has a lot of space for accessories and anything else you need to carry.

    Super-thin mouse

    If you need a mouse you can easily take anywhere, the Microsoft Arc Mouse is just that without being uncomfortable. It's a nearly flat mouse when you need to store it, but the body can bend to form a more comfortable arc shape when you need to use it.

    Travel keyboard

    If you need an external keyboard on the road, this is a great compact option you can easily take anywhere. It can be paired with up to three devices too, so you can easily switch between them and use it with your PC, phone, or tablet.

    Extra-portable storage

    Sometimes it's not about the capacity or speed, but just about being able to easily take documents or projects with you. This flash drive features both a USB Type-C and Type-A connector, so you can use it not only with your XPS 13 without any dongles, but also on older PCs that only have USB Type-A.

    More ports on the go

    If you need a few extra ports while you're out and about, the Anker PowerExpand+ adds two USB Type-A ports, one USB Type-C port, an SD card reader, HDMI output, and 85W Power Delivery with another USB Type-C port if you get the chance to plug in.

    Ethernet anywhere

    If you're away from home but you need wired internet, this Satechi hub gives you an Ehternet port in a compact design. It also has microSD and SD card slots, three USB Type-A ports (capable of 5Gbps transfers), an HDMI port (supports 4K at 60Hz), and a Type-C port for power delivery.

    Charge up on the road

    When your laptop's battery can't quite last you through the day, this Einova power bank can deliver enough power to give you a few more hours of use. It delivers 45W of power over USB Type-C, and the Type-A ports can also charge your phone.

    Power for days

    If you're going anywhere away from an outlet for a few days, the Anker PowerHouse II 400 is essential. It can deliver power over a few USB ports, but you can also plug in an AC adapter to charge. It should last you a few days if you're just charging your laptop.

    An extra screen anywhere

    Take the dual-monitor life anywhere with this external portable monitor by Lenovo. The 14-inch display has a Full HD resolution and 300 nits of brightness. It connects via USB Type-C and it supports passthrough charging.

Finally, we have some accessories for those who want to use the Dell XPS 13 for gaming, or as a complement to their gaming experience. It’s true the XPS 13 isn’t a gaming PC out of the box, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it so.

    Now you can game

    The XPS 13 isn't a gaming PC, but an external GPU enclosure like this can let you use a powerful GPU as if it was inside your PC. This Razer enclosure supports up to three-slot wide GPUs and has 650W of power, so most cards should work with it. There's also a version with RGB lighting.

    For smooth gaming

    If you're gaming on the XPS 13, you can use this Samsung monitor to get a much smoother experience. It has a 165Hz refresh rate with AMD FreeSync Premium, a 1ms response time, plus Quad HD resolution ensures you still have a crisp image.

    Game more comfortably

    This gaming keyboard offers almost anything you could want. You can choose your preferred Cherry MX switches, it has a durable aluminum frame, and per-key RGB backlighting lets you create the look you want. It can even charge your phone via USB.

    Gaming mouse

    The Razer Basilisk v2 is an advanced gaming mouse with 11 programmable buttons using Razer's optical light-based switches. The mouse sensor has a 20,000DPI that can be adjusted to your liking, and it has a lightweight cable for more comfortable use.

    Wireless gaming headset

    The Xbox Wireless Headset is quite affordable for what it offers. It has features like auto-mute for your microphone, spatial sound, and rotating dial controls to adjust the balance between game and chat audio. It also works with PCs, Xbox consoles, and phones.

    The best gaming controller

    Xbox makes arguably the best videogame controller with the Xbox Wireless Controller, and it works with your Dell XPS 13 out of the box thanks to Bluetooth support. This is the latest version, featuring a more comfortable design and improved D-pad, plus a new Share button.

    Bring your own controller

    If you already have a wireless controller you want to use, this USB adapter can make that a little easier. It supports almost all modern controllers from Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo consoles. You can even use it with a Nintendo Switch if you want to.

    Record and stream your games

    Elgato makes very popular streaming equipment, and the HD60 S+ Capture Card is great for capturing gameplay from your consoles and showing it to the world. It has 4K 60FPS passthrough so your game looks just as good, but it streams in 1080p.

    Professional streaming mic

    If you're streaming or podcasting on your XPS 13, an external microphone is going to be helpful. The Blue Yeti X is one of the best ones out there, featuring an LED volume meter, four condensers, and a 24-bit sampling rate. You can also use Blue's software to change settings.

That’s a whole lot of accessories to choose from for your Dell XPS 13, and you have something for just about every need you might have. Obviously, the Dell XPS 13 isn’t a gaming PC, but that’s why there are so many ways to make it better for gamers. An external GPU like the Razer Core X is pretty much essential if you want to play modern games on it, for example. Or if you’re more of a console gamer, you can use the Elgato HD60 S+ to capture and share gameplay.

Even if you’re more into productivity, there are a lot of accessories to make the Dell XPS 13 even better. A second screen like the Samsung S65UA monitor is great at giving you more space to work, and a Thunderbolt dock like this one from Plugable gives you many connectivity options. And of course, there’s the matter of protecting your XPS 13, where cases like the mCover Hard Shell Case come into play.

If you haven’t yet, you can buy the Dell XPS 13 using the link below. It’s a very high-end laptop with great performance for its size and a premium design, and as we’ve just proven, you can expand it to do almost anything.

    The Dell XPS 13 is a very premium laptop with a metal build and a carbon-fiber keyboard base for a fairly unique look. It has range-topping performance and a sleek design that makes it hard to pass up.

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