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These are the best docks for the Apple MacBook Pro 13 (2022)

These are the best docks for the Apple MacBook Pro 13 (2022)

Apple introduced the 13-inch MacBook Pro M2 (2022) during the main keynote of WWDC22. This welcome addition to the Mac line retains the classic Pro notebook design. Unlike the the MacBook Pro (2021) — which you can buy refurbished — the 2022 model doesn’t have a notch or wide port variety. It sticks to the familiar body the company has been utilizing for years. This means you will likely need to depend on docks if you plan on connecting plenty of wired accessories to your MacBook Pro (2022). Docks allow you to grow your MacBook Pro (2022) extra limbs. This way you get to make the most out of its unrivaled power. Whether you want to connect a camera, external monitor, a hard drive, or any other compatible accessory — a dock is the key to enabling these versatile connections. Here’s a list of the best ones you can buy for your Mac.


Best docks for the MacBook Pro (2022)


    This 7-in-2 hub offers several USB (A and C) ports and SD card slots, in addition to an HDMI port.


    This versatile station offers DVI, gigabit ethernet, USB A, HDMI, and audio output/input ports.


    This hub comes with a wide variety of ports, including ones for USB (A and C), HDMI, audio, SD cards, ethernet, etc.


    This solid one comes with four Thunderbolt 4 USB C ports and four USB A ports.


    This docking station comes with USB C, USB A, VGA, ethernet, HDMI, and other types of ports.


    This docking station supports connections through USB A, HDMI, VGA, SD cards, and much more.

The Apple MacBook Pro M2 only has two Thunderbolt 4 ports and a headphone jack. This means you’re very limited in terms of wired accessory connections. Docks change that! For a relatively low price, you get to expand the boundaries of your powerful Mac. You shouldn’t limit the might of the M2 chip just due to the lack of many ports. The solution is right in front of you, and it’s worth it!

Apart from introducing the M2 chip, the 2022 MacBook Pro is pretty much similar to the M1 one. It has the same build, offers a Touch Bar, and comes in Space Gray and Silver finishes. Those interested in the MagSafe charging port and the modern design will have to consider a MacBook Air M2 (2022) or a MacBook Pro 14/16 (2021).

    The 2022 MacBook Pro 13-inch offers a classic design, reintroduces the Touch Bar, and packs the M2 chip.

Which of these docks will you be buying for your 13-inch MacBook Pro M2 (2022), and why? Let us know in the comments section below.

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